/who function still not working?

I remember you could used to /who (a guild name, location or partial players name), and it would bring up 50 results.
Nowadays, doing /who on a guild name or location will only bring up a small percentage of actual number.
Is that working as intended? I saw some other similar topics but dated to a while ago. Will this actually be fixed?
I know its a minor issue but its a feature that worked in the past… why not now? :o


I can’t remember exactly when this broke but it’s been a pain in the posterior for some time.

Even if /who isn’t hitting the 50 cap it’s still missing loads of results.


Use the /who g-guildName command format to see all chars online for a guild.
For checking a specfic char, such as a guild applicant or even low level chars below lvl 10, use the /who x-playerName command format, it works!
This avoids the /who bugs of getting half-of-the-guild-only results or often getting “0 players total” results!

See this post i made on the US Bugs Report forum:


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its okey, at least they replace irrelevant portrait and emotes with fruit :joy:


is that a bug or actual numbers though.

wouldnt surprise me if its actual numbers.

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Yes, my server /Who Hunters 2, Warriors 2, Paladins 2, Druids 50 :joy::joy:

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Same with Tab-Targeting.
It has been broken for years and still no fix, it is beyond infuriating when there’s 5+ hostile mobs aggroed onto your character and you tab target to switch between the enemies charging at you but the genius system targets the non-aggroed red/green enemy FAR in the distance instead.


The /who results list will only include players on your own realm, not cross-realm players, and they will be a sub-set of the players that match that filter, not every one that matches.

The bug is that since 8.3 approx, all the /who results are a sub-set of the full list of players that match your filter criteria.
The bug is that it seems to take a hash value of your player name and return only a sub-set list of players that correspond to your player name.
So the unqualified name, zone, class, race and level filtered results only give you a sub-set of the full list, even if the full list would be less than the max 50 results!
This is confusing and annoying to everyone!

Only the ‘g-’ (guild) filter will give the full guild list of results and the x- (exact) filter will give you an exact player name matched result.
Note: the ‘g-guildName’ filter will return a list of all players logged-on in all guilds which have a match to guildname in their full guild name.
So you might see players in the results that are not in your guild but are in other guilds which have a similar guild name, which match on part of their guild name.

Note: The x- (exact) filter has never been documented but is the only filter that works for a specific player on your realm.

Definitely a bug, annoyingly, was RPing with about five other people in a zone the other day, did /who and only 2 out of 6 of us showed up, even though they were blatantly right there next to me! :smiley: Other people in the zone did, but not the ones I could actually see with my own eyes! All AD’ers, so it’s definitely not a crossrealm thing…

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