Who is Primus

So from US topic a lot of people seem to think the Runecarver is Primus or else the statue in the seat of the Primus. Both valid theories imo, but then I did some digging.
I found something and wanted to add to the thread but sadly I don’t have a US account so couldn’t. So now I’m bothering my EU friends with this.

Proof that Primus is Sylvanas!

Ok bear with me here.

The Primus is the missing founder and ruler of Maldraxxus and the five houses of the Necrolord Covenant. The most tactical and long-thinking of the Eternal Ones he was a master strategist who was nearly unbeatable on the field of battle and was notorious for always thinking far ahead of everyone else. The Primus embodied the five traits of the ideal Maldraxxi soldier, traits he also instilled into the five houses: ambition, might, insight, guile, and the relentless pursuit of victory. In addition to his military might, he was also known as a legendary weaponsmith. All Necrolords receive a portion of the Primus’ power in order to carry out their duty of defending the Shadowlands from external forces.

From gamepedia.

Ok so Sylvanas is super mega tactical with her 86 dimensional chess. She beat Bolvar in a duel.
You cannot deny she is ambitious, leading the Forsaken after the Lich King fell. She is mighty hot, has great insight (referring back to her multi dimensional chess) Her guile needs no expanding upon (sly, cunning for those less familiar with English language I had to look it up myself too so don’t feel bad) and it’s common knowledge she is relentless.
Building an army of undead and weaponizing the plague multiple times for me accounts to being a legendary weaponsmith, I can only hope you guys agree.
And isn’t Maldraxxus just the perfect covenant for Forsaken?

So in conclusion; Sylvanas is Primus and founded Maldraxxus right after she jumped off the citadel.

Not possible because Primus also imprisoned the Jailer in the maw alongside the other Eternal Ones. And he was mentioned to went missing shortly after Draka arrived or shortly before the Arbiter broke, which by that point Sylvanas was still alive on Azeroth. It makes more sense that it is the Runecarver because they both can work with runes, the Runecarver knows some things about Time like the Primus can see different outcomes, they also have the same voice actor and their heads look similar


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God damn, why cant I post gifs!

In other news, Donald Trump is a deep state double agent who secretly works for Q-Anon and… Oh wait, sorry I thought I was in the mad conspiracy theory forum my bad.

Ok piss taking aside, Maldraxxus existed way before Sylvanas was dead, because we know Draka was being trained there ever since she crossed over to the Shadowlands.


But well, she might still become the Primus. :rofl:

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Good one buddy. I got the big laugh.


Not sure if serious…

I did not see the part where this is stated to be one of defining qualities of the Primus.

It can definitely be seen on her face in the Shadowlands cinematics showing it.


gl hf

The Primus is mighty hot

extra thicc


Is a huge exaggeration ever meant to be serious?

The Primus is mighty, article doesn’t specify in what way so I simply filled in the blanks.

Precisely my point, with Blizzivision you just never know.

I’m glad (:

So curious what the gif would be if you were able.

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Do you mean Optimus Primus?

Maldraxxi, Roll out!


Be careful of those sneaky Venthyricons.

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the Runecarver ( the dude making legendary items for us who forgot his brain ) is the Primus

it is so obvious

There are people who believe it’s too obvious to be true. How do you feel about this statement?

Hope he’s not, he has not enough fingers to fit the Statue of the Primus.

Hogger is actually Elune in disguise.

Anduin is actually Arthas’ son.

Vulpera are actually space-faring techies looking for adventure and money and occasionally saving the galaxy alongside their mechagnome sidekicks.

Am I doing this right?


One is a lie.


This has crossed my mind too. Especially now Anduin is becoming a dk himself.

The more Blizzard decides to ‘reinterpret’/retcon lore, the louder I will laugh.

The more Blizzard decides to reinterpret/rewrite lore, the more I will come up with crazy theories :smiley:

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