Who is the Horde warchief right now?

I got back into the game after 5 year break and I don’t understand “stuff”.

Who is the warchief of the horde now?

For now they have a council of racial leaders. No Warchief planned (yet).


It’s possible the next “planned one” could be Baine. I find it very suspicious that during the Vulpera intro quests, Baine actually eventually decides to allow the Vulpera to join the Horde himself without the supervision/consent of the other Council members apparently.

But for now Blizzard might be hesitant to make him Warchief officially as he’s not very liked among the Horde playerbase (some even see him as a borderline traitor for being too friendly with the Alliance). And if he’s named Warchief, Alliance players could also perceive that nothing has really changed then inside the Horde since BfA (despite of course Baine has next to 0 chances to become a warmonger like Garrosh or Sylvanas… :stuck_out_tongue: )

I don’t. I’ve always brought it up when people were asking for councils, but Blizz will neither stop the story to get a council meeting shoved in, nor will they put the moments of decision offscreen, so they will always continue to make single characters decide, while just not exploring what that means for the council concept. Might be that a leader is gonna creep in through that mechanism, as happened to the Alliance, but I assure you that would be coincidental rather than planned. Council approval just ranks among the narrative inconveniences like consistency that the team isn’t especially fond of.

Apart from that… in Shadows Rising it was Thrall that once again was the de facto council head, and Baine didn’t matter. And in the next quest, novel or musical number it might be th Vulpera guy for all I know. I suggest not caring too much, because Blizzard as a collective entity certainly doesn’t.


I certainly wouldn’t care about him betraying the Horde, considering I’m not exactly new to my position that the Factions shouldn’t exist, or at least not anymore… But the guy is a frickin’ coward and a politician, who reacts to the wrongful death of his father by bowing and scraping to his killer. I’ve never gotten over the depiction of the character in The Shattering, and he wasn’t a principled champion of peace there, he was just driven by fear, preferring inaction and sneaking around whenever possible.

Now, weaknesses in characters certainly are a good thing, I won’t complain about that. Even a leader character that’s obviously not made for the job can be quite interesting. But that requires him to be challenged on his weakness by the people he rules, and just like Anduin, he just isn’t. Instead he is treated like a hero for being indecisive, sneaky and weak. Bah.

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That’s the thing. His problems don’t seem to have been intended and at this point blizzard is just pretending they don’t exist hoping you forget, only to pull another Baine special of assisting the Aliance on the Horde’s expense.


For some backwards reason Blizzard have decided the Horde should be the Alliance of Lordaeron while the Alliance should be the Horde with a High King. For some reason the people behind the lore want both factions to be homogeneous grey blobs that practice what some posters call “Anduinism.” Which is essentially Christie Golden’s views and thoughts that apparently need to be forcefully inserted like an all consuming virus on to every race, every racial leader to make them as bland as humanly possible.

We can’t possibly have the Horde resembling the Horde, the Alliance resembling the Alliance or actual races having any kind of culture! No everything needs to be the same, apparently every race on the Alliance needs to throw away their individual culture, unique aesthetic and what makes them what they actually are in favour of LARPing as different variations of humans in footman armour. The Horde and the Alliance is not allowed to have any kind of aggression, nastiness or morally grey behaviour either! Everyone needs to be as BORING, STERILE and MEEK as they can (unless they’re given the villain bat) as not to offend people that can’t discern fiction from reality.


Well… The devs are in a bit of a pickle on this, though, with american political culture being what it is. Whatever they do with or the Tauren will be interpreted as a comment on native americans, and so on. Any racial stereotype they stick to will be seen as perpetuating real racism. And while I can’t make guesses about the numbers behind that criticism, I can assure you that it would be quite loud and drown out a lot of the other voices. And with the “primitive” peoples of the Horde it’s especially bad, since they really don’t want to imply their savagery is biological or cultural. Just remember the recent “erosion” outcry…

This wasn’t a problem 20 years ago, but culture has shifted under them, and the classic fantasy premises WoW was based on are now firmly within the firing zones of the partisan battlefields. Homogenization and focus on character over race must have seemed like the best way out of it.

Well…except that it didn’t work, since on the one hand a lot of the people who like WoW still support the cultural basis it was build on… and on the other, much larger hand, the character stories they offered sucked, and didn’t even convince most of the people this shift was made for.

I’m not really sure how much of an issue that was in WoW, since so, so many things went wrong that it is hard to point at any single thing as particularly important… but I’d be surprised if it didn’t feature as a complicating factor.

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They’d probably be more invested in a good story more so than some fictional species, in a fictional world, which was loosely inspired by the iconic idea of their ancient predecessors. But to be entirely honest you can’t expect good worldbuilding, when identity politics comes into the mix, unless it’s dealing with something extremely specific like modern america.

May not have been the biggest issue on it’s own of the recent WoW, but it certainly did not help.

Well, if the “No Faction” change will be implemented, then the Horde would have to have a pacifist leader such as Baine.

If that comes I wish I can join another faction like Bloodsail Buccaneers

“No Faction” could be great. “One Faction” wouldn’t. Treating every group as an independently acting entity would be hard, but cool, treating everyone as part of one team would just further wash away what made them unique. But the Faction mechanics of the game are equally inhibitive for both.

It depresses me that Americans are so stupid but I suppose that’s just the general state of things.

Oh, it might come from America, but it’s by no means restricted to it. So… a typical “Who is the bigger fool? the fool or the one who follows him?”-situation.

They tried to level the field before by giving alliance their own off-brand Blue Warchief, but it was not enough, so now they decided to bring Horde down to Alliance level by making Horde into Red Alliance with “Council of Races”.

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Sylvanas of course. She will return to the Horde and kill the council.

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