Who's up for some dungeons and dailies?

Hi all,

Having started playing more actively recently I’ve been working towards achievements like unlocking the ability to fly in the latest content.

On top of that I love to do dungeons as well, but you know… pugs can be a bit disappointing and energy consuming at times.

But I’ve been missing some company.

If you feel like having some company, just to make these things a bit more enjoyable or just to have a nice talk, then please let me know. I would be very happy to team up!

My battletag: Thorck#2781

you need a tank.

@Yamee, sure why not. What’s his/her character name?

OK, i have to admit. i am afraid from playing tank due to amount of abuse tanks takes in bugs.
so i regret what i said.

@Yamee, I can relate playing a protection warrior myself.

One of the reasons I am asking for some company here is to bring more people together who like to respect and be respected in eachother’s (in)experience to the game, learn from tips and not unimportantly create a good game experience.

We could try to have a few dungeons or dailies together and if you like it we can do more of it.

By the way, with the abovementioned thought in mind I have also opened up my guild, BEAST, (which I created with a few friends) to build a better game experience for everyone interested. Though it’s still very small, we’re inviting anyone looking for company to have a go at it.

i feel like … at home.

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