Whose souls were used to make the pantheon of death?

During the questline to create a new arbiter for the afterlife part of the cycle, we learn following things:

  1. Pelagos says: If this is where the Arbiter was made, then which came first? These souls or… so many questions.
  2. Pelagos says: These souls can be used to create the Arbiter, but can they become other beings as well?

Considering these two phrases and the questline, which ends up in Pelagos becoming an arbiter, we know that:
a) arbiters are made by merging a mechanical vessel with a living soul;
b) Crypts of Eternals contain powerful souls, which were previously used to create arbiters.

Based on this it seems plausible to assume that the whole pantheon was made using the same method we applied to create a new arbiter — by infusing vessels constructed by the automa of the Progenitors with living souls . If so, which souls were used?

Perhaps, following monologue voiced by the oracle Saezurah during the same questline at Zereth Mortis might shed some light:

Saezurah says: (Titanic) Midnir.
Saezurah says: (Draconic) Rethul.
Saezurah says: (Demonic) Kasharu.
Saezurah says: (Shath’Yar) An’qoth.
Saezurah says: Vessel.
Saezurah says: Vessel.
Saezurah says: Vessel.

To our knowledge, through the history there were three vessels used to create arbiters: the first one for Zovaal, the second one for the unnamed arbiter, who followed Zovaal and finally the third one, which was merged with Pelagos. Can it be that the whole speech of the oracle indicates species of souls, which became the core of each member of the pantheon of death?
Let’s consider following − in the oracle’s speech she says 7 words, 4 of which are in titanic, draconic, demonic and shath’Yar. In the light of the aforementioned argument that by using last three words “vessel” she refers to the arbiter, the language of the other four words might refer to the souls of entities from the other species, which were used to create the other 4 members of the pantheon of death − one made out of the soul of a titan, the others − from souls of dragon, demon and some shadow entity respectively.

P.S. If this whole theory is true, is there a chance that we already know from before some entities who became members of the pantheon of death? Perhaps it is possible that Primus was Galakrond in life, considering that a) the name of the realm he rules is Maldraxxus (loosely translated from Latin as “evil dragon”); b) theorizing that he is a actual villain behind actions of Zovaal; c) information from the interview of Steve Danuser, lead narrative designer for World of Warcraft, where he says that Primus became a master-strategist by cooperating with someone (a dragon), who could manipulate time: “It is said that the Primus sought out an ally who could show him the infinite timeways, which he used to watch the same battle play out over and over again across realities”; d) space in my theory for a member of the pantheon of death to be made out of dragon soul?

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Sure why not. We know so little, it could be pretty much anything, so one theory is pretty much as good as any other. Since we know that titanic, demonic and void beings usually have their own planes to return to and shouldn’t go to the Shadowlands, that’s not exactly solving more questions than it answers. And considering we know that pretty much a normal mortal’s soul like Pelagos would do the trick well enough… I wouldn’t exactly think of death-specific stuff like the Arbiter when seeing this list of otherworldly languages.

Considering how relatively recent the death of Galakrond was on a cosmic scale, the Shadowlands or at least Maldraxxus would have to be relatively young for that to work, and that time might feel different inside doesn’t really change that. And looking at the scale they were trying to build up here, I kinda doubt that. Apart from that… why would we tie the master strategist to the ravenous beast? It doesn’t exactly fit the Primus’ or Galakrond’s story, and I don’t see how it makes things any more interesting for us. If it were true, it’d still just feel random instead of revelatory to me.


The problem with the timeline of Galakrond’s life and death occurred to me, however, according to Firim’s notes and the grimoire of Shadowlands, it seems that Progenitors bound (shackled) six primordial cosmic forces at some point of time and created Zereths for each one. Hence, it is plausible to assume that for some time these forces existed untamed and reality was not touched by Progenitors. As such, we don’t know when exactly they appeared and bound (shackled) six primordial cosmic forces - perhaps that might have happened around the point of time when Galakrond existed.
As to “Why Galakrond’s soul was used to create Primus”. In the book “Dawn of the Aspects” we learn that Galakrond after mutations he underwent, was able to rise dragons he cannibalized as “not living”, command them and spread this “plague” by them biting yet uninfected. As such, to our knowledge it’s the first known appearance of necromancy, which is the pillar of Maldraxxus realm, governed by Primus.

So… the Primus soul time travelled now, essentially? Okay, put that down as another assumption we’d need to come to that point. Now that doesn’t necessarily speak against its truth, but it does speak against any obviousness of that truth. And the more we have to reach, the less likely it gets that we’re reaching for anything real.

I’m not sure how that counteracts my point, that it adds nothing interesting to either character, nor the world. Why does the fact that the ravenous beast that was Galakrond was technically a necromancer make the connection through soul-sharing any more interesting? They’re still totally unrelated in terms of character, and we weren’t really wondering where the Primus got his power, when he was designed to have it anyways.

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