Why are Blizzard mixing Russians with non Russians?

I got several friends that pure out refuse to play with/vs Russians, and I often see my teammates leaving BG when they see they face Russians. This is a form of boicot and a form of demonstration. Maybe it’s about time to wake up to the world that we live in and accept that this is how it is going to be in the future Blizzard? How about removing Russians from our battlegroup crossover? It’s better that you take action than players doing it themselves. I assume this will continue a few more generations…

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In this case i can’t tell you exactly why we are mixed with russian players … but i think is from that fact that they have only one active pvp realm which is pretty balanced in alliance and horde, and they are EU realms too yea it would be nice to select realms by groups like back in the day when each realm was part of a battlegroup if you check on warcraftmovies all realms are there and their battlegroup, so players could do pvp in bgs with specific realms that they were in the same group. In classic wotlk we don’t have that much realms to make that battlegroups so lets say like firemaw gehennas and thekal are battlegrp1 and morgraine venoxis and giantstalker are battlegrp1 they fight in bg only these realms and the same story goes on with other battlegrps…in other words in wotlk classic we donthave battlegroups only if you are lucky you get nonrussian players if have bad luck then u get russian players…

Did you know that… not everyone that has russian name in game is actually from russia? On those servers play people from Russia,Ukraine,Belarus,Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan,Azerbaijan,Georgia,Armenia,Tajikistan,Latvia/Litva,moreover,there are guilds that contain members from all those countries combined and they play together just well
Or is it a hater to Cyrillic-basic language in general?

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