Why are Bolvar and The Jailer both topless?

Why are they both topless? I know Bolvar was revived by the breath of the red dragonflight, hence the molten body but he was stripped in ICC when being hung up by chains. Why did he just not put his shirt on? Why does the Jailer not wear shoes, socks, or a shirt until he gets his whole armor set? I dont feel intimated by a guy with his nipples and feet out.


Maybe you don’t really want to know what is going on there offscreen!

Ever looked at orc grunts? Or druids? Or demon lords? The half-naked hypermasculine guys that use their deep voices to talk slowly are kind of Warcraft’s thing. Does the accomplished Archmage on Velen’s level that went over to the Legion fot the promise of more power and status need to wear almost nothing but a loincloth? No, but he certainly does.


They need to put their shirts back on. They’re scaring away the females.


Orc grunts, druids and demon lords are somewhat conventionally attractive, though. The Jailer looks like Thanos had an existential crisis and Bolvar looks like a smoldering beef jerky.

In practical sense it was to showcase their unique distinguishing features. Namely kwispy skin and chest hole.

When Jailer filled the hole and escaped the Maw he right away turned into Megatron, because he no longer had a hole to show off.

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Looking at the guys that created them… Not sure that was ever the point.

We took Bolvar’s armor in the aftermath of the Wrathgate quest, which IIRC was not removed like the battle of the Undercity followup.

That still doesn’t explain his naked feet…


Are you alright?

This made me giggle far more than it should have.

So it’s been brought to my attention that this was featured in a Kakio video. Kakio, I’m not this horny all the time. I swear.

It was a pleasure meeting you :slight_smile:
Thanks for the laughs buddy.

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If i had same body as Jailer i would be Topless all year aound too.

Most likely the same reason why I often am topless in summer. It’s hot and I’m hot.

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And imagine the Tauren or other furry races like the Pandaren, Worgen or Vulpera…they got all the fur in summer even if they are topless… realistically they would die simply for the heat, especially in Durotar or the Barrens :hot_face:

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They should also make lorthemar topless


Well, Hello there!

Shirts suck (lore-wise) …or something.

Maybe Rommath… for fire mages topless is more appropriate than hunters I think :hot_face:

but still with his face covered by his mask of course… :stuck_out_tongue:

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