Why are Russians always together on the same side

If they are already allowed into EU PVP servers then why do they get the special treatment and only put together with only people from Russian servers, why not mingle them together with others as this is a clear advantage they have because they can communicate and everybody understands each other while here and lets be honest at least 40% can barely speak English yet alone understand it, not to mention how many of them refuse to speak it?


Check german and french server groups. They are always in same group on the same side as well.

We call it
German horde
Russian horde
French horde
Eu horde

inside communtiy.

While most players see them just horde.

It goes for every other specific language server, either you mix them with everyone or let them have their own server and queue timers.

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russian are big pleuge moment theny farm group i tink just doing it get money for it boost oter smart same time so annoying cant win singel bg get beat your team full bots greens bad players and noobos

…, - here are some commas and dots for you.
Do not thank me.


not thx u just sey treu

Personally doesnt matter where I queue. I win on all. No matter german , french , ru or eu. But last couple months I almost never queued russian alliance. Because queue times became long. Just dont queue solo. Alliance is not good with solo queue.