Why are servers still not fixed?

I have just resubscribed to the game.

To my absolute horror, almost a year after I unsubbed the faction balance issue is not only NOT FIXED, it is WORSE.

I am not in a situation where, I will no doubt need to spend £19 to transfer to Firemaw so I can actually do some content. Then at a later date, transfer myself back to a low pop ally server like Migraine to do some world PvP.

Perhaps this is what blizzard wants? To squeeze money out of its consumers by forcing them to use character transfer services?

But cmon. If a server is labelled PvP. Some sort of balance has to be enforced. If this can’t be done, perhaps it’s time to link PvP servers together in the same way as classic era.

Thoughts ?


Thoughts? I think mono faction PVP servers are the lamest thing that could ever happen to classic.


Open world cross-realm PvP is the best idea that blizzard will never do because like you say, will cost them their profit.
Its predatory, accept it, move on :frowning:

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At this point i suspect we will get something like HvH we saw in TBC.

In wintergrasp everyone is free for all.

Monofaction PvP servers exist because of you. Or rather to avoid you. Unsub for another year, you won’t be missed.


No thread about wpvp wouldn’t be complete without this crybaby.

I have the game exactly as I like it, do you? :wink:

I will just ignore the fact that anyone can choose a PVE server and not bother with PVP. But is this really the implementation of WOTLK EXACTLY as you like it? Really? I mean you can be the only one in the universe. I guess Blizzard found his number one fanboy.

In regards to “wpvp”, yes. Or rather it is the closest thing to a warmode we are probably ever going to get. I particularly enjoy the occassional tears that griefers shed here regarding their lack of victims.

I moved to migraine for Wotlk because there was an attempt to make it a balanced realm like Firemaw used to be.

As soon as some alliance come again horde flood the server. The reality ? Great wpvp for me. Alliance died off quick but I got to “grief” lots of horde early game including “griefing” level 80s because my character was geared to the 9s and I’m a good player.

Even still I log on today and I “griefed” a 5 man group of players in the howling fjord who attacked me.

I like this part of WoW. But as much as I like world PvP, if there is not even 1% alliance on my server then the game is not playable it is not designed for this.

If a server had 10-15% it would work but even this doesn’t exist.

Now the problem is for you is that I go back to firemaw and I get 80 and I gear up in PvP gear Nd then I come back for classic cata prepatch or whatever and I “grief” you and you think “wow so unfair”.

But the reality is maybe if we played on a balance server we would trade a bit over time and you would not be fighting me when I’m full PvP geared and enchanted. But if I have to go to a 99.9% horde realm for wpvp then I am gonna be fully geared and enchanted aren’t I…

Self fulfilling prophecy

How can you not understand that some will love PVP servers without first attacking someone? It is part of the difficulty of the game. Without that, the world is safe and boring. Did you see the WoW First trailer? I mean that one before WoW’s release, “World of Danger, World of Warcraft…”.

Nonsense. Majority of the player base doesn’t care about the other faction and Blizzard knows that.
They’re not gonna force people just because YOU think you must WPvP.

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Its a player created issue… you can’t patch out the playerbase…

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Ah yes the entire design of realms pushing you to use paid services is a player created problem.

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I’m sure the Alliance of Skeram all transferred off the server because they were able to buy the boost, Not because sweaty try hard guilds were camping every low leveling zone and flight path with 20 people each and having 100+ people in Blackrock mountain.
Realms have been going 1 sided since phase 2 of Classic because people do not care about the other faction and rather not have it, Simple.

The only way for Blizzard to achieve you people’s dream is by having only 1 realm and that’s ret-rded.

Some did run away, and some had no other options because they were outnumbered because of runners. Problematic are people who pick a pvp server even if they hate it and are too weak for it. They ruin the experience for everyone else. Blizzard should moderate this. It was easy to predict, and there were many options on how he could deal with it. Even today, there are many options on how to solve it. But Blizzard didn’t try anything, I guess because of the money from transfers. That or incopetention.

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I think my point went over your head, the gameplay and realm design pushed people to pay for transfers.
If you had something clever, or some incredibly futuristic tech like, cross realm phases, you would never transfer realm because of monofaction.
Shame nobody invented Cross realm yet.

no one wants world PVP they just want to dungeon run with large populations.


What people don’t understand is that PvP realm players overwhelmingly want one sided realms.

The one realm that was almost level in faction balance was abandoned by one side. They left in droves.

Firemaw remained balanced well into TBC until Blizzard allowed free transfer from Firemaw to low pop server where you could then free transfer (strange() to gehennas, so horde all moved to gehennas.

It is blizzard job to regulate this behaviour accordingly. They actively enable it and paid faction transfers coming out at end of TBC in the late 00s created the exact same issue.

It is ironic because I had this issue in retail wotlk and once again in classic. Blizzard talks about the “classic experience” yet we have long since departed that experience, I would dare say that private servers did a better job of it than Blizzard has.

It is an issue that needs to be fixed, the mega servers need to be linked in some way to create an active world and enable wpvp

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