Why Blizzard Wont Add A Middle East Server?

Hi there. I’m speaking behalf of Middle East People, especially Iranian people like me, who’d suffered Enough(over a DECADE).I’ve as individual, been Playing this game in blizzard servers since 2012.We pay like other people’s but we don’t get to enjoy our playing time, why?! because of Very high and unplayable Ping or Latency(especially in PVP),besides of USA sanctions ,Bad ISPs and ETC we’ve been struggling …
Now there’s a Question that no One ever correctly answered in forums or simply they didn’t care enough to pay attention over the years…
Why Blizzard Won’t Add a Middle East Server like other Companies Or games like Dota2,Fortnite,Csgo , Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends, or even Overwatch but not for WoW? Is that So hard or expensive for a billion Dollar company to do that? or they don’t wanna that? we just need a Decent Answer.Have A Good Day!
Ps: Sorry for my bad English


I’m guessing Overwatch is their testing grounds for middle east servers. If it goes well they will probably add other games to those servers.

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They really don’t care about Iranian players
Just take a look at this post [Logging issue of thousand iranian players]
after 2 days and about 300 replay or 2k view


Its not that they don’t care about Iranian players, its that Blizzard is an American company and American companies are not allowed to trade, directly or indirectly, with Iran or Iranian people, by law due to the US sanctions against Iran.


It’s not about Iran’s sanction .Thread is about adding a Middle east server for wow.
that includes so many countries not Iran’s only.

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My friend live in UAE and have the same problem

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I was replying to the poster directly above my post, not to the general thread.

Companies work in numbers, financial ones.

If the investment (time, money, obeying local laws, localizing, …) is not not worth the return then it won’t happen unless it’s for charity. Blizzard is no charity organization and the golden bucket is clearly not big enough to put effort in collecting it.

Sad but true.

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True.but i’ve had my research before posting this and if i was you i’d do the same before posting stuff here <3

What kind of an empty comment is this? What am I missing according to you?