Why can't 60 cap accounts queue for SL dungeons?

Am I missing something or why are 60 cap forced to spam BFA dungeons? Can’t even select any SL dungeons and chromie is dead too… like wtf is the point of this? Are we… not allowed or supposed to playthrough anything but bfa? Huh?

You get teleported back to the “Original timeline” at level 59.

That means you are locked to BFA content only.

Need to lock XP at like 55-57 i guess if you wanna play freely all.

Also… the game is not meant to play as a 60 cap account, so they won’t take that into consideration when designing things.

I don’t care what they think or feel.
I’m paying monthly. I own SL with this access fee.
I should be allowed to have LFD for SL dungeons.


I’m kinda confused.
On one hand, 60 was the cap in SL, so I don’t understand why they don’t allow you to queue for SL instances. On the other hand, 60 is the starting point in DF, which you don’t have. This might be the reason you are thrown 1 expansion back.

Send them a strongly worded ticket.

I’m sure you will not just get an automated response in return.

You are a Valued customer after all


Ok this makes some sense, but they took the cheap way out.
They want a lvl 60 to buy DF, though the ilvl req for dungeons is so high you can’t get in without questing and buying gear first.
But it still doesn’t mean they couldn’t make a seperate dungeon list category or bracket for players that don’t have DF. Just add a line of code or tag like “nodf” and let them all select SL or BFA in the LFD. Also they could throw in all fresh DF 60 players, till their ilvl is high enough to join a DF dungeon. I mean simple and logical, no? All the systems to do this are in place. It’s real nasty how they just dunk on 60 capped players in every way.


How does that make sense?
Not only is the starting level of DF not 60 but 58, but it shouldn’t be relevant regarding any expac-throwback logic.
This will be a result of some unknown/stupid reasons for making Chromie time work the way it does. BfA is the default, non-Chromie content.
Said stupid reason is probably simply an unelegant game logic where once you reach level 58, Chromie wants to coerce you into playing the new content, with Chromie time being understood as merely a tool for leveling up to DF with more flexibility.

There might also be some agenda of player activity consolidation at play, whereby Blizzard doesn’t want activits to spread out across so much content, e.g. to shorten queue times. And if that is the case to an upsetting degree, it would be an indication that not many people are playing recently.

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Wasn’t sure about this one.
I got thrown back to “reality” at level 60 (after levelling my char in a different timeline) and given the first DF quest at the same time, so didn’t know we start DF at level 58.

The way it works is:

At level 58 the intro quest will pop up and nag you about DF’s existence. You can start with the DF intro questline. You might reach level walls and have to grind side quests/mobs to gain appropriate level.

At level 60 is the Chromie fun over, if you didn’t quit sooner you get thrown out now. This is also the proper level to start with DF as the experience gain per quest is better tuned so there should be less of a risk for hitting level requirement walls.

Honestly, same. Not that I’m complaining but I don’t get why is it that since Dragonflight’s release that the Shadowlands (minus Zerith Mortis) is capped at level 50, while BfA zones, dungeons and raids are capped at level 60.

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i had the same question. I hate BFA dungeons and i always wipe.

Hitting a wall should only be an issue if you focus solely on campaign quests, I think. If you do all quests, even without extra XP from gather nodes, it should be just fine.
Of course once alt mode is unlocked, things relax even more.

I’m speaking from my experience doing Shadowlands 50-60 campaign storyline where even only questing with rested experience bonus was not sufficient to avoid a couple walls.

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