Why cant i do aberrus? i can only do discarded works

I want to do aberrus because I have a quest to kill sarkareth, but it only lets me load into discarded works, and whenever I try to join a premade one, it gets canceled, or declined. what should I do?

Sounds like you’re queueing up for LFR difficulty. The wings for this one come out slower than the other difficulties. You may have to be patient to do it that way. Every two weeks, a new wing will open. Wing four, which has that boss, won’t open until Wednesday, four weeks from now.

You could try a premade group. If you are not getting accepted, you may need to improve your item level. This may be out of date, but it is showing your item level as 393. From what I can find online, people recommend at least 405.

thanks for the advice, and what is LFR?

‘Looking For Raid’ - a feature that lets you queue for random or specific raids, if I remember correctly :thinking: I haven’t used it since BfA.

But as Anroka said, item level might be why you don’t get ‘picked’.

You have a good name.
Very familiar. >=D

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