Why cant we do this?

why is it not possible to use the old casting animations and character models on retail? the new ones are soooo sooo trash and ugly


Because blizzard decided that the old ones are soooo sooo trash and ugly they don’t want to see them anymore.


Because blizzard thought that new is always better.

Or they had a bring kids to work day and they had to entertain the youngsters somehow and now we have to live with the results.

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Male Night Elfs are an abomination, wouldn’t mind seeing the old model come back.

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The game’s miraculously only 60 GB’s, they threw the old models out and plastered them into Classic for your enjoyment

Total trash. Agreed. Just look at undeads trash new model and animation.

Someone doesn’t understand how “new” technical stuff works.

See this as evolution: When old specie evolving it gets rid of unused stuff (that is why we don’t have gills/canine-like fangs and claws).
Old models have old skeleton-bone structure (literally) and new models have new sets of those. New animations use new bone structure and old one use old one.
So when you asking: why new model can’t use old animation, it’s cause new model have different bone structure and can’t put new animations which required old skeleton, on new skeleton.
Also when you creating new animations (like heroic poses for artefact weapons, additional animations for story telling or any other animations which wasn’t presented on old models, you as a company don’t want to spend resources to make two similar animations for two completely different skeletons just cause less then 7% of players want to use old models.
This is completely technical and resource wise question and it’s completely understandable and rational to update old stuff.

If you create a poll about what is better new or old stuff from wow, you will get more for new stuff (I assume), cause old models and animations are UGLY objectively more than subjectively (look at classic wow) and sometimes they have some better animations that fits better, but they aren’t better technically. But that is subjective.

Because updating animations and skeletons for both just so a niche group could keep using the ugly 2004 models would be a waste of resources.

You must be an expert as male draenei
So I trust your judgement

Must comes as a shock to you but people don’t post on the character they play.

And I agree, some of the old skins were better than the new ones.

Must be a school to you, I just want want to point out there are worse cases of abomination

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