Why did the back downgrade? from item level 72 or more back to start to item leve 66

Maybe it is a mistake i have made. Maybe sold the wrong one but i dont think so. as i am very careful when dealing with my gear. when i woke up today i saw that my back from the map Nazjatar had gotten downgraded. i got it when it was item level 66, and i think i upgraded it to atleast 72 or more by using mana pearls. at first it stood that it was 1/4 upgraded. but today it said 1/7 until it is max item level. the rest of the gear says i 3/4 until. so now i have upgraded my back to 4/7. is this something that is wrong or is it war mode and pvp death that is the propblem?. what is then the reason to upgrade and lose then upgrade again?.

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