Why do all of you noobs play without enchants/sockets?

Lol. Thanks, i was never thinkin about gearing my alt with enchants lower grade.

Because you can see all the I levels of the people he did the runs with.

It’s easy to look up on his RIO page.

Did I write that? My point is even if you suck/and or are badly geared atleast enchant the damn gear. I bet most the people whining about rio cant be bothered with these things and then wonder why the hell no one wants to group up with them.

Well true if you sim 45k on patchwerk and can only deliver 10k dps inside a dung you are indeed a lost cause and no amounts of enchants or flasks are going to help.

Whats your point though? If you are bad dont bother with improving the easy things? Get carried instead by some people that can be bothered to do stuff right?

This is the problem with having so much content that just hands out free gear. We got a big chunk of the playerbase thinking its enough just to show up to get free gear.

My point is that you do not have to look at enchants for 10’s. They are not needed. They have 0 influence you time the +10. Which was the question of the topic.

Tbh, with the content level I play, the only items I consistently enchant/gem are weapons… and even then, they have to be Epic quality (my mains might get a scope earlier).

Disregarding your actual point about enchanting and gemming but taking into account your gear and possibly experience in doing keystones etc. You sir, are one of the absolute scrubs of this game who I prefer to avoid, instead of saying to said player and explaining, here bud, if you do this you can bulk up your dps by 10-15k it really helps when pushing these keys! You decide to come on here, and moan like an absolute child to get attention for doing so.


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Why? Ppl have already answered :woman_shrugging:t3:

You probably won’t get this but…

…You being the best you can be at all times is for both you, the “noob” is Banking on it, both literally and figuratively.


A tip… look at the total achi points of op and the bumper… :wink:

Why do you have 48 likes for this comment?
Is that meme or something else? Can you describe me what is hidden within this sentence?

There is really no excuse to not just put some upgrades on your gear. All the people flexing like it doesn’t matter for 10’s are just lazy.

Not everybody has 10+ alts and just want to play a nice smooth game, only playing with one or two characters in that range.

Jumping in with undergeared unprepared char just pulls rest of the group down and is a selfish thing to do.

I know they are the same person, still no reason to bump this topic when it died. They even got legit answers on their troll attempt.


P.S it is his alt

I strive to be as good as you, until then, i’ll play my game how i want to, not how you want me too.

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