Why do I only see alliance when in War Mode?

Title says it… Why do I only see alliance when in War Mode? It’s not even worth the pesky xp buff, I never run into other horde players to team up with. Let alone not getting ganked everywhere I go.

This is far from balanced… We all know that isn’t Blizzard strong suit, but this can be done better.

How does the system work? Like merged realms? Maybe merge different War Mode-realms?


We have 15% Bonus this week up from 10% last week. Technically there has to be more Horde again but the system is a bit weird…


I always thought we were in cross realm shards, but someone else said it’s a shard for your own realm. I think it is region tho, but I can’t prove it.

That is just the fun for me, because i stop attacking an ally when a fellow horde starts attacking him.

Same for me - I have yet to see any Horde players without asking about premade groups. Experience is being soft for healers exiting sanctuaries and trying some fair play, while those healers push you into a trap with rogues and hunters. Well fyou, that’s where griefing comes from later on.

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It’s the other way around that bothers me… Getting ganked all the time by 3-5 alliance because there is no other horde to be seen…

Just a sharding thing. Most of the time I don’t see any alliance, sometimes I feel I’m the only horde on the zone and very rarely the shard feels about 50/50 and that’s when the fun begins and some nice wpvp battles emerge.

Yea so more alliance are playing with war mode. But now what? Do us horde get an increase in xp next week? This makes no sence…

I think it doesn’t even matter. I see very few people with WM in general. When I’m out in the world with my twink, (WM off at the moment due to low gear reasons) there are players at every corner…

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i remember shadowlands prepatch
warmode off had more ally than horde
and wm on some try to be jerks 3vs1 and stealing a rare

For me,it just feels weird as hell that for bgs,alliance have a lesser que time but somehow world pvp wise , horde are lacking.

Yup. Makes no sence…