WHY does my main have 0 echoes of ny'alotha

Tbh, maybe I got echoes for a little while, then stopped getting them. Only have 2k, doesn’t feel like very many…

At least my alt will be able to buy corruptions on day 1! Shame about the main x(

zero echoes on my main.
it wasn’t an issue as long as i didn’t need them.
by nowt I would have gotten thousands if i was eligible as i did plenty of activities that would have rewarded them.
why the hell did they decide to use an already existing currency unrelated to corruptions, that some characters didn’t get, to buy corruptions?

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Yea. Feels bad. In SL when feral will be bad again it will feel bad aswell.

Oof. Just checked. Main has 2k echoes, alt has 5k. Main has done more of all content…

So yeah, I guess I got some for a little while, then didn’t any more :sob:

Because, you don’t have all of the essences currently available to you.

I updated it with a note.

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