WHY does my main have 0 echoes of ny'alotha

So now you can buy corruptions for echoes of ny’alotha. Why does my alt have 5000 of this and my main has 0??

HOW can I start earning these on my main? Please answer


The Echoes were originally designed to be used by alts to purchase rank 3 essences. The first character you reached cloak status on is ineligible from earning them.

This will of course change with the update that has been posted in the forums. I find it doubtful that they will be difficult to farm.

Note: If you are eligible to purchase a rank 3 essence and don’t have it on your main, you will start earning Echoes. Otherwise, you are still ineligible to earn them.

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thanks buddy, when will this system go live

I don’t believe the other thread included a release date for it but, there was a conversation recently where Blizzard stated they would replace the rep buff with this system.

You’ve already got all your gushing wounds cheif, no need to worry lol

Why are you attacking the poster for asking a question

Funny thing is, since there’s a bug or rather side effect that getting one rep revered with assaults, allowed you to buy also other role things. Which meant that even my ‘main’ with most essences got huge amount of echoes. Even when she was not really needed to buy anything (nor had/and still has not the rep).

But on my other account character that logged 1st and had most essences has 0 echoes. Nor she gains any at all. Not from WQ, anything.

Anyway … My dk that has 0 cleave corruptions might actually finally go kick my monk off the mythic Nyalotha raid as her higher HP + haste means more damage from stacked TDs. :smiley:

The op posted a post a few days ago trolling, my response was tongue-in-cheek, relax yerself petal lol

Dunno but I am getting echoes at my main~ maybe because I realm transferred :joy:

Becouse u need all rank 3 essences before.

No, its becasue you have an alt with a r3 essence what your main don’t have
The echoes start to dropping for a toon after you log on your other toon wich have a r3 essence what the other(s) lack - and they continnue to drop untill you buy the missing essence
It was suposed to be a catchap mechanics, but lots of people simply never bought the missiing essence an now sitting on piles of echoes

i would assume that you should do a rank 3 “normally” on your alt like the crucible of flame questline.

After all, my main has 1663 of them.

I dont have any alts in bfa and even if I would have* then main have everything I ever unlocked :thinking:

*(I boosted human once to unlock allied races)

I started getting echoes when i hit revered with one of the new factions, maybe thats why? Sadly i spent the echoes on the rank 3 of the essence i lacked and they stopped dropping again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

My main has none too. I really hope that the corruptions I want to target won’t be on the first rotation when I have no echoes to buy them! Since there’s no date for the vendors, maybe we’ll get some time to build up a stock of echoes before we can spend them?

not only had I had all (possible to me) rank 3 essences unlocked on my main, but also did 10 horrific visions during last two days. That feels… truly discouraging.

Well, you had no issues removing Titan Residuum, just remove Echoes as well and start counting anew. This is a bigger change to this currency than it was to Titan Residuum.


You have to give them credit really, they gave what we’d asked for but in such a way that causes even more annoyance.

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Well this might be it… by their original design, echoes are only for essence catch up. If you have a full set of rank 3’s, there is no reason you need any. By original design.

Shame it’s changed later on x)

(But for once, never doing PvP has worked in my favour, since there’s at least one I haven’t even got rank 1 of and I have a couple of thousand echoes!)

I dont have the pvp essences on rank 3, still havent given me any echoes except for that short time after i hit revered and then picked up the essence rank 3 from mother :thinking: you probably have some reputation essence you havent bought at rank 3 yet is my guess (unless you have rank 3 pvp essences on another character, then you get echoes).

This is inaccurate.
Thyri is the first (and only) character I have with the cloak. And I have 15k echoes.