Why does Mythic difficulty exist again?

Some people wouldn’t be at the top without their addons is my point.

hc dungeons are relevant for whole expansion for people which lack skills for premade groups for mythic 0

they are also very effective way of initial gearing up because some people dont want to gear up for 3-4 weeks using WQ only .

they are also widely used for finishing dungeon WQs for gear/azerite etc

A point that you haven’t even tryed to prove in any way. At the top of players compete against other players that use the exact same addons as them. Remove addons from the equation and you will still have the same players competing against each other.

Like I stated before addons contribute very little to your success when compared to other things such as skill and game knowledge. Nobody is just going to get some addons and suddenly be able to compete at a top player level.

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I had boss mods in Molten Core in my videos…

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Did it though?

I think many people who solely do Mythic+ do so because it isn’t as time consuming as raiding. Aka, they wouldn’t be doing any serious raiding anyways, since they wouldn’t have time for it. With Mythic+ they have an option to challenge themselves within reasonable time.

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Yeah most people I know just want to do M+ now instead of Raiding, because Raiding requires planning and is more stressful. Meanwhile M+ needs few people and is more or less chill.

In other words, Mythic+ was a good thing.

(though, I’d argue pushing mythic+ requires planning too, but at least mythic+ gives latter progression, so you can stop at the stage where you’d have to start planning a bit I guess).

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More or less when comes to difficulty.

The same people including myself do M+ because Raiding is boring, it has no tier sets or other things to look forward to. If Raiding was better, we would that in a heart beat.


I meant Mythic raids. Mythic dungeons should not drop any gear ever at all. Whole Mythic dungeon concept is bad.

Go to bed. Maybe you’ll be more tolerant in the morning. Moo.

Mythic is easy with mods, bla bla bla !

People actually not doing Mythic raiding, since 2009

Truth :

You’d be taken more seriously if you’d actually attempted the content.

For dungeons normal and heroic could be merged into a scaled timewalking-alike mode (where level and ilvl doesn’t matter) - where you can queue while leveling or at max level for starter gear and catchup for given patch. Like TW now drops 395 gear which a good catchup for Nazjatar tier. You then don’t have to design catchup systems every major patch. And it’s one queue so it will have some people in it compared to now where you have to level via like island expeditions because dungeon queue is nearly non-existent.

I pretty much play wow without addons :thinking:

But yeah would be intresting x)

Been saying this for years.
Ignoring LFR because i believe it does serve a purpose (if you like it or not)
There should be 2 difficulties outside that, Normal and Hard.

The same can be said for Dungeons. I would go as far to say Normal and Hard+ only.
Hard+ referring to mythic + but no mythic 0 because the difference between M0 and M1 is nothing anyway.

To many difficulties is not only stupid, it’s confusing to new players.
Also this would freee up more time for the art team to create non trash sets again instead of 1million re colours of the same armour type.

The content is boring though. I never enjoyed PvE in this game.
Except the Brawler’s guild maybe.

So you dont know what you are actually talking about then. Everyone is playing on equal terms since every mythic raider out there is using addons. A bad player isnt getting good because of addons.


So you admit you have no clue regarding anything? Why should you be taken seriously then.

Pretty much this. “I am too good for mythic raids, this is why i do not do them” kind of thing. :crazy_face:


That’s like saying all professional athletes are on equal terms because they all do drugs.
May be true, shouldn’t be encouraged.

There are multiple reasons why I don’t raid.
Number one is it’s boring. The few times I’ve raided, I got bored and I felt relieved when it was over. It takes so long, and I’m not even talking about the encounter itself, I’m talking about people preparing for 15 minutes between each boss. Urgh.
Another one is that it requires me to be friendly to waaay more people than I can handle. That’s the biggest challenge right here.
Besides, it’s just so much work. Feels like a second job.
I hate raiding, honestly. It’s just plain boring and I fail to see the appeal.

So yes, I don’t partake in it. I won’t force myself into a type of content I don’t enjoy just for the sake of depriving my forum haters from a worthless point.