Why has Feral healing got WORSE?

Regrowth proc self heal last patch was already weak asf, not just weak but 1/3rd of a word of glory on paladin… so weak it was literally useless most of the time, you did more hard to yourself using it then doing an extra attack, And here comes 10.2? is it jsut me or is it even weaker now wtf? I nearly died soloing the flower rare in tyrhold… the self healing did almost nothing to me, I use it and maybe gain like 3% of my health bar it s a complete p take.


We have been begging for some healing buffs all of Dragonflight and we instead got a tier piece that makes cyclone spamming even stronger. We’ve only said we hate the cyclone spam gameplay, but Blizzard made it even worse anyways… They have no idea what to do with ferals and the changes they make just prove it. We are a cyclone spamming glass cannon.


I never use cyclone lol, AI hate how it takes time to cast and lasts such a short time and I dont even know if you can use it while in cat form…

Paladins have 2.5x our armour, Way more base HP, Can do triple the self healing, has bubbles, lay on hands, same amount of defensives reductions on top of their armour. What does feral have over paladin? less heals, less buffs, less overall defensives, way less armour, less hp, All I can think of is it can stealth?

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Even stealth is wafer thin nowadays with DH’s lurking all over and hunters seemingly able to Hunter’s Mark you while already stealthed, then the potions for better stealth visibility, flares, aoe etc.

Regrowth is really just pitiful. Even with the 6% more healing and magic damage talent it heals less than 10% of my HP.


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