Why is ab not live?

why is ab not live yet?

Because you can’t read.


its 11:42 cet though

Pm, not am


Time is odd choice as usual, since they release it worldwide they decide to make it a weird launch time for everyone

Edit: I think it only makes sense in Asian countries, releasing around 6-8am

they’ve released all the content patches at midnight on wednesdays. It’s really strange and I don’t know why. Traditionally content patches are always done on the weekly reset.

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If it’s a global launch, it will be 2300 CET Wednesday evening, as that equals 3PM PDT.

so they screw over all of Europe so that the Americans can get a perfect 15:00 o’clock release assuming it releases at 23:00 for (most) Europeans… wonderful :ok_hand:
sure would be a shame to open AB directly after reset since it would be evening/night in America at that point in time while being late night/early morning in Europe. instead it opens right when all the Europeans gotta go to bed, assuming they got work in the morning :))

how is EU being screwed over? how does it make a difference to you, that Americans get it in the daytime? That’s literally how time zones work.

In addition, because the weekly resets are 24 hours earlier in NA than in EU, this means that Europeans get more time in AB in the first week before honor resets. So if anything its screwing over America.

You would be screwed over only if they open AB for some part of players / guilds from your own server and faction.

Btw : They´ve opened groceries in USA while you are asleep… fancy twatwards, how dare they !

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It will still be there tomorrow.
Calm yourself

It’s the other way around, while US sleeps our stores open.

I don’t care that much about it but it does make more sense to release it early for us rather than at same time as US.

Lol at people thinking Blizzard are using midnight Paris time because of any sort of nice reason. They’ve always only given a damn about America and they’re using Paris time as an excuse to give it Americans that are all finishing school and work.

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