Why is alter dispel-able?

Literally joining a shuffle to face Disc, Resto sham, Ele Sham, DH, SP only for Alter to be purged within 0.1 second is not fair.

Make Astral Shift dispelable

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Yes fire mage is unkillable

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if u cant dispell it and ur not a druid who can cyclone him

than its basically a 10seconds iceblock while being able to do dmg

i think u can see the issue here right

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You forgot with a 50 sec cd.

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Because it always was. I hope I helped

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Ice Block should meld to incinerates.


I’ll raise you throwing ice spells on a fire mage causing combust to fade.

Fairly certain undispelable alter time would get the temporal shield treatment of then not being cancelable since it’d be too good a defensive otherwise.

Vaporizes before it hits, fire mage wins again.

Why cant I cast PI around mages? it’s really inconvenient to my play style!

Also, make PI undispelable.

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