Why is every battleground blitz one-sided?

Calling every one of them one-sided is probably an exaggeration. But I would say 8/10 feel one-sided, to say the least. If Random (Epic) Battlegrounds are one-sided, there’s one clear answer and that’s usually because the Horde (or Alliance) just has a bigger PvP community in that server group.

But with Battleground Blitz, no logic can be applied. You have two enemy teams with similar MMR (I don’t even think MMR matters in BG Blitz), fighting each other. And yet at times it just feels straight up like the winners are a pre-made group.

And I don’t just say this because I’m always on the losing side. On the contrary. This happens when I’m on the winning side, too. The enemy team barely has any points and we just win from them by overwhelming force and it isn’t even like we’re communicating in chat.

There’s no pre-mades in battleground blitz either. I mean, it wouldn’t surprise me if people found a way to sync their queue pops to join each other in a match but it doesn’t sound very lucrative. The only thing I can think of that everytime a healer joins with a dps buddy, those get matched together with another healer-dps team. Which would mean one entire team has 4 out of 8 players working in unison. Which is a huge advantage. But I can’t be sure.

And before anyone starts to complain in here that that’s how battlegrounds are supposed to play out, no, they don’t. If that’s your mindset, you got way too used to pre-mades being a thing. Because battlegrounds, specially rated battlegrounds, should be matches where you’re equally matched and that doesn’t seem to be the case with blitz, currently.

I would love to see some transperancy in this situation from Blizzard. We’ll never get that, because Blizzard really doesn’t seem to give a single bird about PvP, but one can hope. Maybe for Christmas, or something.


I think people give up too easy. Also, there is no real stake either at this point either. (not rated)

Based on my little experience, healers are big factor in how the blitzes play out: good healers are tough to kill, which makes it hard to cap/re-cap flags f.e. on Eye of the storm, they can keep their team up and keep the flag capped.
Bad healers are on the other hand easy to kill which makes their team lose the fight.
I also see a lot of players rerolling to heal for shorter queue times, but they have no idea what they are doing, ending up losing the fight.
Also, people joining in pve gear… losing 100ks of health and being squishy doesnt help either.

When you enter blitz, sort the player list on honorlevels. It happens often that 1 team has several people of 700+ honor level and the other team has alot of people with honor level 5, 10 or just 20. Ah well guess its just super random.

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There might be some truth in that but there are also people that smurfs accounts with fresh accounts posing as honor level 1 with the obvious ‘murloc’ icon that actually knows how to play the game.

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i hate to agree with a hunter but


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You’re probably right. I can’t link the screenshot but I made one of our loss screen just now.

Our healers got outhealed by a mage ice-blocking. They were quite literally not healing from the start.

I’m hoping this changes when it becomes rated.

Rated solo BGs will never work. It’s just to easy to AFK or leave.

It’ll never be more than a joke bracket.

I mean, I’m hoping you’re wrong but I have a hunch that you’re right.

What I’m hoping is that they at least add the scaling they use in Battleground Blitz for the regular random and random epic battlegrounds, so that new players have a safe enviroment to play in without conquest-geared neckbeards roflstomping them into the ground. Now, that’d be the only positive thing coming from bg blitz, probably.

Kids these days just want easy wins. If they see it won’t happen, they just give up/leave.


It’s not this.
Mostly comes to if the game is good or not.
WoW is… annoying. Yes playable etc. When you play 10 years…
Now, if someone is a new player… he will play 2 games, he will lose because he can’t function …yet… then he will leave.
Should he care for you and your fun? Absolutely not…
it’s not that you will leave when you are losing… no point… that’s the learning process . Will you leave when you don’t understand half of it, you get annoyed or you just don’t like it? Easily…

I mean. You’re right part of the way. But what Sinergy said, a lot of people just want an easy win. Experienced it today, too. One of our healers just decided to sit afk in the graveyard, because he thought the match was lost as soon as the enemy capped one flag. And as a result, they capped 2 more because he was intentionally refusing to heal.

Blizzard on the other hand could do so much more to make PvP an enjoyable experience. They could remove / reduce micro cc and cc in PvP, make random bgs easier regardless of gear and make a PvP section in the Adventure Journal explaining what’s to be done in every battleground in order to win. But Blizzard doesn’t care about PvP and would rather see it die so they have another excuse to bring Plunderstorm back.

One issue i imagine thats going to impact the game quality is the dps-healer duoq. That duoq can make or break the entire lobby. Beyond that we also have healers being extremely high impact. A bad healer can easily survive 3-4 good dps players without dampening n such for an ungodly amont of time.

More often than not i find that my games are almost completely dicated by the healers. Ive had lobbies where i´ve had simular healing done as fury warrior to our dedicated healers n the enemies having 3-4x the healing output etc in the same way as i´ve been on the opposite end where my healers do 3-4x healing output n the opponents healers seem to be bad bots.

Before someone suggests CC is the reason, thats not it. I played a shuffle earlier where i thought we only had one healer, turns out we infact had two but our secound healer had himself targeted the entire game n ran around pretending to be a really good self sustain spec for an entire game. This happened at 2.1k mmr although i will say i dont see any difference between 1600 and 2100 mmr in blitz at all.

I honestly treat blitz like random bgs with no premades n i think its perfect for that purpose.

MMR doesn’t seem to be functioning atm, although it shows in your scoreboard. One game I enter and it shows 2k MMR then the next might show 1.6k MMR even after winning the supposed 2k MMR game.

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Because it averages the team’s MMR in order to achieve shorter waiting queues. Although it is very annoying to be at 2.2k one day and the next day to be mixed up with new people who don’t even know what the objectives are.

yeah i noticed that too. I still enjoy blitz for the simple fact that its faster phased n more importantly no premade exploiting so im perfectly fine with how the game mode runs currently even if its onesided n inconsistant.

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At the start of TWW when bg blitz becomes rated people need to have mmr based on their arena, solo shuffle or rated bgs rating. So that they will play with others who are at similar level. PvE players and others who did not play any rated pvp will start from 0 and will play with other players who are also inexperienced in rated PvP. Otherwise this will be a disaster when rated bg blitz kicks off.

I just had a temple of kotmogu where in the first fight we were completely destroyed by enemy team. After first fight they had 8 HK’s while we had 0, despite me and the other healer doing like 15m healing while enemy healers did 5-6m, because there was also a triple difference between our team and enemy damage.

I left, relogged to different character and joined bg eye of the storm which we won 1500:100. I could be afk whole bg and we would still easily win this. It sucks that most bgs are so one-sided that you either:

  • Can’t do anything to win
  • Don’t need to do anything to win
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Biggest issue is leavers and AFKers

To be honest, blitz needs to be binned, and Blizzard needs to work on making rated BGs more attractive. Blitz is just never going to work.

This. People leave and just log alts and reque. Leaving and/or AFK should be punished harder and make deserter account wide aswell

Blitz needs to stay, some of us enjoy Blitz and some of us have absolutely 0 interest in joining groups to form rated BG teams. I’m sick to death of literally every version of PVP being the plaything of the ultra sweaty and ultra serious.

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Defeatist mentality is a real problematic issue with alot of people who play competitive games, thats why. That and currently with blitz you’ll find some teams are just not geared for PVP period bar maybe 1-2 folks.

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