Why is so hard to find guilds

Hello fellow WoW players, my question is why is so hard to find a guild to play with.
I’m a returning player to wow and for the last 3 weeks i searched for a chill guild to play with and make new friends, the only thing is all the guilds in guild finder are dead or mostly empty, and all the pages or discord for recruiting don’t answer to my questions, they only search for hardcore players with high Ilvl and giant mythic scores.

Why the social aspect of wow died so hard in these last few years, one of the things makes wow fun is that is a social game.

The social side has been in decline, and whilst I can’t offer you a massive guild, the guild jynx has started reforming after a hiatus, but we also have ben running a community for a few months and have an active discord. You are more then welcome to join us on discord to see if we are the type of community / guild you maybe looking for.

I’m not sure that’ll fix your problem but try a different realm, like argent dawn for more social experiences

Maybe as Alliance, not sure how is the situation on Horde side.

Guilds are cross-faction :smile: I’m on tarren mill/dentarg as alliance and am all good

I am on Tarren as well, an having a hard time to find a place to call home. If you have some suggestions, feel free to share :slight_smile:

Depending on what you’re looking for mine’s open

Casual friendly, active and tight group of people to play with, make new friendships and do things together in game like N/HC raids, M+, mogs, achievements, mount hunts, social/fun events, etc…

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