Why is that all the time?

Since BFA season 4 DK as a class get overnerfed ! Its good for few months before it get rekt to the ground ! And there are classes who stay for whole expansions broken and the changes on them are like throwing a plastic cup on them ! Class balance is kinda a meme nowadays , and is kinda sad for a 18 year old game ! And clearly there is problem in it ! Maybe total rework on the DK class ?

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These new changes for fdk in next patch wont change anything it will only bring runic starvation nothing else.


How Blizzard came to the conclusion that it was a good choice to nerf all our defensives by 50-66% is a mystery to me. Truly shows how incompetent they are. Death Strike, Anti-Magic Shell, Will of Necropolis and Spellwarden all got absolutely gutted.


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