Why is the majority of the community avoiding PvP?

I don’t understand the thinking: We will lose! They are better than us! This is lost of time!!!

Come on, just come on!!! The people you meet are not better than you! They can’t be because you are losing your rating on failure.

With practice, you will find what is your skill and after that, you will understand who is better than you. And that is not a bad thing. This is PvP and this is fun not bad.

I am encouraging everyone to participate in PvP on both rated and unrated to see and improve their skill without any hesitation.

What can do wrong with your zero rating? Yes, nothing.

Enjoy the adrenalin!



Because PVP just isn’t fun anymore.

It used to be a fun little thing you could do on the side, to fill in a few gaps in your gear until something better comes along.

But now it’s turned into this entire system, with rating and ranks.

It’s just rubbish.

I used to spend Hours in WSG. Now I just have no interest in it what-so-ever.


? you don’t make sense, there is unrated battlegrounds for low skill players like you, with same mindset, no ranks no points only fiesta.


Legion ruinied it for me, gave it up at the end of WoD


WTF did i just read? You dont make sense lol

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PVPed nonstop in Vanilla but when ppl started inviting DPS warrs in Raids(Karazhan in my case), bit by bit i lost interest in direct confrontation with players (as I did playing CoD or BF aswel) and more into cooping against the computer :slight_smile: Age i guess matters, what can I say.


PvP is the most fun activity to do right now especially with friends. PvE side of the game it’s just awful and many hours grinding for gear whereas in PvP you just farm conquest and honor, you gearing up and play


Why should I let myself get killed by others people or enjoy killing others in a scenario that is just replaying the past that has nothing to do with the current story?

There’s no fun to either killing or being killed. Apart from that, WoWs gameplay mechanics just aren’t fun for me in a PvP environment. If I want to play PvP I go and play Heroes of the Storm, where you actually have to aim your skills instead of counting cooldowns and figdet around with your character as much as possible to play with line of sight. That’s just not engaging to me.


You’re right, you don’t understand the thinking as most of us who dislike PVP aren’t saying those things.

I don’t enjoy PVP, so I don’t do it.
I’m not good at it but that’s not why I don’t enjoy it. I don’t feel any sense of achievement. Killing and being killed by the same players over and over. It’s die / kill, res, run back in, rinse and repeat.


There is no reward for me in that level of content.

And that is exactly why PVP isn’t fun anymore. I just answered OP’s question. I didn’t need your feeble attempt at trying to belittle me.

Vanilla and even TBC Battle grounds were great fun back in the day. But the moment I couldn’t queue up for WSG and work towards a half decent upgrade to my gear because “rating” is the day I stopped PVPing.

It just became less fun. It should just go back to being the fun side game it used to be.


Whos gonna tell him you literally get the best ilvl by spamming wsg every day. :see_no_evil:


I think it’s because PvP isn’t the primary selling point of the game, and so that’s reflected by the audience.


Because I hate adrenalin and the PvP is awful anyway. I enjoyed HoTS more! And I hate PvP!


I like pvp. However:

  1. warmode ruined the world pvp i loved. But atleast back in bfa we had more world pvp events to make the change worthwhile.
  2. we havent had new bgs in ages. So there is no variety to keep things entertaining.
  3. epic bgs have been watered down to the point that most of the arent any fun. Alterac valley is some boring race and all other aspects are forgotten, including the pvp part. Wintergrasp heavily favors the defenders and if you join late you will never get the rank for a vehicle because you get killed by vehicles. Ashran is just some braindead moshpit without its events all over the map. I’d say Isle of conquest is the most functional one like how it was intended.
  4. Rated battlegrounds are non existant. People wanted a solo queue for this but blizz only gave it to arena wich did not need solo queue as you can find one or two people pretty easily.
  5. I personally never have been much of an arena fan in the first place and most people tend to play bgs for fun more often than arenas. Yet sadly arena is the only pvp part wich does get new content.

I used to like pvp pre WOD because it was actually FUN to play never was big arena fan
but random bg in cataclysm/MoP era were great.
Nowadays i prefer m+

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Personal reasons:
It’s too fast for me. One little lag-spike or slip of the fingers and I am dead, usually.
There’s too much to keep track of that can happen in a split second, and then there’s RNG on top of it (Has been worse; See corruptions) that can cause deaths unforseen.


Because its not fun anymore.

I have over 400k HK’s in BG’s and stuff.

Theres probably a bunch of reasons in the mix ranging from “professional premades” in groups to imbalance to the speed of deaths and counterplay. Bottom line is its not fun so I’ve stopped doing it. When its fun I’ll start again.


id play if unranked matches win gave vicious saddles. now cba


I guess most people gets into pve because it’s easier to find others to play with and when they focus on raiding it takes a lot of time and it’s not always much time over for getting better at pvp.

Ofc it’s not very fun to get owned and players that focus on pve gets owned more often and it discourage them.

No, there are games with far more fun PvP than WoW. Only reason to do PvP is for mog.

All these microstuns need to go.

More CC needs to share DR.

Damage needs to be tuned down, a lot.