Why is the selling price on a stack of copper bars so low?

You are lucky if you can get forteen to fifteen silver for one single stack of copper bars and level 20-ish green weapons are sold from forty silver up to over one gold so how the hell will I be able to afford buying?
This is just turning me off from mining copper and playing on this server in general.

-Lytherion Moonshadow

Because the server was flooded with “gatherers” trying to make a quick buck for their mounts, now the market is absolutely drenched with gathered ingredients which are growing, not shrinking.

A lot of people simply sell their stacks to vendors, because it’s not even worth the time it takes to post them. Supply & demand - the economy in WoW is as fragile as in real life.


Also seemed to be a s**t ton of multiboxers at leveling areas 1-15, happen to dissappear after that though, not sure how they collect herbs i just saw a ton of them before 15

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They’ve probably all gone into dungeons to level and farm.

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Seems more likable

Keep an eye on them prices, son!
If they drop below vendor price, you can make an easy profit! :grinning::+1:

It usually doesn’t drop below eight silver per stack.

The price of copper is turning you off playing on this server?

I haven’t looked on other servers in terms of prices but I can’t imagine there’s a great deal of difference - as people mentioned above, loads of people took two gathering professions to grind mount gold early on, so the AH is overcrowded with mats. Also people aren’t levelling professions as much right now, as they’re still focusing on levelling etc.

Things will settle down, but it’ll take some time. Tin is selling a bit better than copper, but obviously it’s harder to come by. I haven’t looked at iron yet as I’m not mining it regularly at this level.

Hopefully stacks of tin bars will sell better. /sighs

I’ve never had one not sell, so as long as you’re not going crazy overpriced then I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Keep your chin up, my friend!

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Keep yer feet on the ground!


I’d like to add that next to supply/demand, the amount of money in circulation is also relatively low; most of the silver I get from mobs/questing goes straight to class trainers, and for example flight paths are also more expensive than in retail. If people have no money, even if they would WANT to get that stack of copper to make their level 14 or so sword very much, they could not pay 50s or 1 g for it - my level 14 warrior may have 10-20 silver after training! (to make the effect of low money in circulation more concrete: if there were only 10s in the entire economy, you would never get 20s for anything). There is no huge population of level 60s yet that has no class trainer expenses anymore and floods the market with gold and demand to level their own professions or that of their alts. So if you want to make ‘easy money’, you probably need to wait a few months and try again.

That being said, you can also look at the positive side: first of all, this may be a relatively unique experience/challenge that you won’t get in retail anymore (my level 13 warrior in retail has over 100 gold), and, to quote Nobel-prize winning physicist " Ernest Rutherford — ’ We haven’t got the money , so we’ll have to think’, and that may inspire you to think of new money-making (or money-saving) strategies.

Second, if you did NOT have any gathering professions, you’d likely be even poorer (gathering allows you to make money without the expense of gaining experience and having to pay for new class skills).

And third, whenever you feel bad, you may spare some thoughts for the poor beginning herbalists, who generally must sell their stacks of peacebloom and silverleaf for much less than 14s: 2 to 3s, not much above the vendor price of 2s…

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