Why is there a limit to how many people you can block?

I never understood why Blizzard has a cap on the number of people you can put on your ignore list.

What makes this even weirder is that people you blocked on character X don’t seem to be blocked on character Y

Why? What makes Blizzard think If I block someone for spamming, being toxic or purposefully trolling me, that I’d want to communicate with them or play with them on another alt? It makes absolutely no sense.

If it was possible, I’d appriciate it if we could put a note on the blocked account as well, so we can remember in the future why we blocked them. But that wouldn’t be that important if they removed the limit. Right now I am literally removing older account I have blocked because I want to block never people and god knows if I unblocked a troll, racist or whatnot.

I don’t use the ignore list but if you are struggling with the cap there is an addon that allows you to make it unlimited.


It’s really not account wide. I blocked this guy on trade chat for constantly spamming and posting in all caps. Still visible on my other alt.

I’ve considered getting an addon. But why the hell is it not just baked into the game itself? Addons sometime fail, sometimes you’re playing somewhere else. I shouldn’t have to download an addon for such a basic feature.

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Cancel culture wasn’t around when WoW was first introduced.

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There is a saying: if one person causes you distress, that one is the problem… but if all people cause you distress, you are the problem.

In this game I can say, if you really have your list full… means you clearly are the problem.

I play this game since TBC so… many many years… and I havnt blocked even close to 10 people… most likely not even 5.

My tip: Grow a pair or leave the internet, so noone can hurt your precious little feelings.

I really miss the time when people could just choose to not care and ignore negative feedback… or when they care they act on it and improve

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