Why is there an item shop in a subscription-based MMO?

Just asking the pros…

Because Blizzard wants to earn more money by selling digital goods are there are enough players who are ready to pay for it.

Because there’s a market for digital items (in addition to the subscription) so they supply goods to that market. Basic business sense, really.

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Because of money

well for 1 thing money, but also the sub price afaik hasnt increased in the past 10+ years so also a substitue for inflation.

First a gamestudio is a company at first what does a company want they WANT PROFITS they want MONEY, simple as that. Also the USER decide if they buy something and clearly they do. I mean…

Because the cosmetics market in popular MMO’s where a minority of the fanbase decide to buy into said cosmetics would be foolish not to utilize.
As long as it it purely cosmetic based, and has no impact on competitive gameplay such as PvP, or similar who cares.
We get to play the game through subscription, and to further explore through new expansions.