Why is Vashj in Maldaraxxus?

I know she tells Kel’Thas that she has a lot of victories as well as sins, but don’t we know her more for her pride and vanity rather than as a warror? She was literally Azshara’s craziest handmaiden. Wouldn’t it be so much more interesting if she was in Revendreth, in Highborne form?

I feel like Lady Vashj has no personality other than hissssss and its a shame, it’s a wasted opportunity. They could have taken us back to the novels and explored some more of the ancient past, given us a new perspective on Vashj, and developed the character.

The spider night warrior even asks her about Tyrande but Vashj just tells her to shut up

According to her she occasionally won. That’s it folks.

The Arbiter probably saw that she saved thousands of Blood Elf lives [canonically the expedition of Kael’thas was at least 2000 + people] when she helped Kael fighting against the Scourge first, and then against the Humans of the Alliance Remnants later, so that probably played a huge part in the final decision of sending her to Maldraxxus. Technically that good act would overrule any bad sin done during her life that would send her to Revendreth rather than Maldraxxus, including both the periods she served Queen Azshara, and Illidan later…


Begs the question of what Azshara saw before N’Zoth revived her at the end of the Eternal Palace raid.

Maybe also Elisande since the 3 of them are all former elf leaders, who sided with the Legion. Kael and Elisande did it through them believing it will help their people, whilst Azshara did because Azshara could and Azshara was bored and Azshara wanted amusement.

I’ve said for a long time, that Blizzard should have given us questlines for the Azerothian characters, where they are given time to go back to Azeroth and explain any choices they made.

For Lady Vashj - that could have been going back to Vashj’ir and the Quel’Domir Gardens and Temple. We could have heard more about her mother, Lestheria, the High Priestess Siralen and High Ranger Valarian.
We could have got and seen more of Vashj’s feelings towards Tyrande and her view on how she has led the kaldorei. Obviously, it would be in spite and with lots of negativity, but that could have been positive development for Vashj and expanded on her relationship with Tyrande. Thus far, it’s only ever been her and Kael’thas and (through novels) her and Azshara which is alright, but their is a more to Lady Vashj than just Kael’thas and Azshara.


I hope Vashj and Kael’thas make a grand return to their people. It would be a waste of good lore to let them stay in Shadowlands. They need to be back on Azeroth and kick some butt.

Kaels new voice isn’t Kael. Quinton will always be Kael.

The woman who made false allegations against him and then we find out that she was harassing his wife and his mother, should be ashamed of herself. His character is ruined now.

That also likely means, no more Vashj either because you can’t have her, without him.

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I don’t think that only warriors end up in Maldraxxus, but spies and generals who are disciplined and good at following orders are too. That’s what Vashj was in life, an obedient and efficient general of Azshara first, then Illidan, even if she didn’t have that title.

Blizzard made a mistake. He should get his job back.

If that’s so, how come all the good Kael’thas did, did not weight up against the one time he messed up when high on Fel?


I feel like what he did in TBC was too much to be “overruled” like it happened to Vash’j, siding with the Burning Legion and helping in the summoning of Kil’Jaeden into the world through the Sunwell is an automatic sentence to Revendreth no matter what he did in the past, so even as a Blood Elf fan I think it doesn’t really matter what good he did for the Blood Elves in his life [ mainly during WC3] , after what Kael tried to pull at the end in TBC (and if Kil’jaeden had managed to be fully summoned and had doomed Azeroth back then, I feel like Kael would have gone to the Maw eventually too)

Then again, Zul’jin is in Revendreth too, despite all the fighting and actions he did in his life scream his fate should have been in Maldraxxus. Even in this case, the old Arbiter probably saw that his true intentions were that he did all the fighting just to spread indiscriminate murder, hate and violence among the High Elves just for the sake of it rather than for a just cause like fighting for the freedom of the Amani. So by sending Zul’jin to Revendreth, the Arbiter did implicitly support the fact that the Amani were wrong to fight to reclaim “their” homeland, because after all they officially lost it thousands of years ago when Dath’Remar and his followers first arrived in the High Kingdom, so all the fighting that happened later, especially under Zul’jin, was indeed something the Amani did for nothing, or, worse, something that was inherently wrong and evil from the Amani’s part…

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I feel like in this case all the good he did first for the Blood Elves in his life didn’t really count for the Arbiter because he joined the Burning Legion and tried to summon Kil’Jaeden into the world through the Sunwell eventually, so that doomed him to Revendreth no matter what. And if Kil’jaeden hadn’t been stopped back then and the Legion had conquered Azeroth, probably Kael would have been sent to the Maw eventually (except he, like all his Sin’dorei supporters, would have likely become a Felblood Elf and fully a Demon eventually, so he would have avoided his fate in the Maw regardless as upon death Demons only go to the Twisting Nether before returning to life anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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Then again, unlike Vashj, Zul’jin was sent to Revendreth rather than Maldraxxus, too. It seems like all that fighting against the High Elves for “reclaiming” Quel’thalas was indeed the evil thing to do, after all (other than useless as he lost multiple times…) :sweat_smile:

When it was brought up Vashj said that unlike Kael she had victories too. Which would imply that the difference is more along the lines of the person being capable than having any degree of moral highground.


Souls aren’t distributed to covenants based on what they did wrong in life or not, but on how useful they can be to them. Some members of Maldraxxus and Revendreth have committed several genocides but we’re still spared the Maw. The ones who are good at following orders and leading troops are sent to Maldraxxus, those too stubborn are sent to Revendreth to learn some humility before they’re either turned into a Venthyr or sent to another covenant. If the humility lessons don’t work, they’re sent to the Maw.

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Which is extremely unfair. Kael’thas did more good in his life as a member of the Kirin Tor and the nobility of Silvermoon than he did evil as a part of the Legion.

Unlike Sylvanas, who did more evil than good.

I’d question the fact that Sylvanas did something bad. She had understandable motives. She was leader of a race that was on the edge of extinction and as any being you use any means possible to avoid dying out.
Burning Teldrassil isn’t worse than attacking Orgrimmar or attacking Tauren settlements in the Barrens. It’s a war, it happens.
I don’t know why people see a justification with things like these for one faction, but not for the other.

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