Why it always has to be "easily winning evil" cliche?

I am really bored to see the “enemy” characters can beat highly powered characters and conquer very well defended cities without even a single effort. Such stories become outdated cliches even in shounen anime, yet Blizzard continues to make “one slash winning” evil characters in WoW.
I can’t even understand how Blizzard can’t write more thoughtful and strategic stories even though they have access to some of the best novel writers out there.
And they continue to make rushed out stories like “the evil guy walks into the city, and kills every one without any effort”.
It destroys any immersion in the story telling and the quests.


Well the actual cringe part is that we always kill them np.


The opposite happens in literally every raid we’ve had to date.

We’ve beaten cosmic beings, and invincible armies with ease. We killed a fully unleashed Old God in a single patch, and prior to that, travelled to the homeworld of an endless army and stabbed a literal God to death.

If you want to consider what the bad guys have done so far, we’ve yet to meet a single one of them that managed to harm relevantly our own.

I think OP is more annoyed about the one-shot-kill modes that have happened to enable these heroic instances to begin with.

Which I can agree with. It enables things in a way that doesn’t last long. Actually, more annoying than not. Personally, it has devalued quite a lot of things if said villain could just ignite things like this because heh, OP.

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Well, Deathwing did wreck the world pretty bad. They even had to change the zones and everything.

I am not talking about the raids but the story and cinematics. I can understand we as player characters can’t interrupt those scenarios, yet I want “evil” characters to do their “evil” things with a bit more challenge. Like Sylvanas one shotting Saurfang, or Zul one shotting Rezan, or what happened to Archon…

I am bored of seeing the “good guys” like defenseless buffoons and “evil guys” as the overpowered “god mode” characters.
I want some tension in the story, some immersion, some strategies during such events.
And we just get evil guy winning without even a sweat.

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The narrative conventions state that “you cannot stop the villain’s evil plan until the very last moment”. Because apparently that’s more “interesting”.

The bomb always has to be defused in the last second, and not say, three hours before it was set to blow.

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Only Deathwing and the Lich King have had a permanent and visible effect on the world. They are the only expansion bosses that actually felt dangerous as well: everything else is “We came, we saw, we looted”.

The cliche is normal , it is a human thing

It boosts the morale etc …

Blizzard is a american company

A super strong enemy almost destroys everyone yet 1 solo hero saves the day

You can easy see it in movies

For example in Transformers , all heroes are nearly defeated , then Optimus Prime comes in to save the day ( altough he is very damage and still standing )

In Lord of the Rings, 2 hobits travel through Mordor / the Maw without Eye of the Jailer / Sauron noticing them , and manage to save the day

Also WoW is now mostly money

Bring out a super difficult enemy

Make players feel " confident enough & strong enough " so they can defeat that enemy after wiping a few nights

It makes player base busy & interested

If things were too hard or complicated , players would quit fast so Blizzard would lose money

because cutscene opponents don’t have 95932849234923 hp and can easily be killed just take sylvanas the banshee hoe and her 1 hit death by Godfrey

It has been a cliche since like the 1990’ies.
Part of the problem is going cosmic, first you save the village, then the town, the the kingdom, the country, the world, the galaxy and then the universe… Well, where do you go from there? Nowhere, that is where. All you got left is a monster of the week plot since whoever defeated the cosmic scale threat will always be able to deal with anything below a universe level threat and there is nothing worse, I mean you can argue something that could change reality but that is pretty much just splitting hairs and then you are still stuck in the corner. You can’t really show the bad guy making much progress either if their goal is this insanely big. Which is why it can feel more satisfying defeating enemies that are smaller scale in “ambition” in my opinion at least.

I get being the hero can be cool and amazing but we should never had faced a threat that was bigger than Azeroth at absolutely most.

mmo’s have to evolve quite a lot of mmo’s face cosmic threats but that’s generally not the problem the problem is how this cosmic threats are written just look to Final Fantasy 14 for a way better cosmic threat and being the Chosen hero don’t always mean you are this undefeatable champion heck the warrior of light’s power don’t even work outside of primals

Sargeras after burning a bunch of areas in fel fire and literally stabbing our planet: “dude do I mean nothing to you?” :sweat_smile:

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