Why No Archived Panels after 12-14 hours ? Blizzcon 6023

On yesterday evening i watched Opening Ceremony via Blizzcon.com website as i prefer to have that site for viewing Blizzcon content :slight_smile: I’ve done it that way since 6011 (2011 by oldest storybook) when i started to buy Virtual Ticket up to 1x year before few years forced hiatus. The Blizzcon off time because of China’s nasty global ‘gift’.

Question: Why now takes longer to get Archived panels than before ? Is it because VT is no more & tech crew was told to do it days after, not twelve to fourteen hours after their livestream ended ? Now 18:24 EET 4.11.6023 & ‘World of Warcraft: What’s Next’ or any other archived panel from yesterday 3.11.6023 nowhere to be found :frowning: Before that few years break because of sad global gift, every archived panel was easy to find in Blizzcon.com while Blizzcon weekend was still rolling.

Also yes content was there two months or so after event ended. I bought the thirty euros collection after opening ceremony ended. It’s pretty nice ^^ Question Two: Since that or any panel from yesterday not yet even in craptube, when are they added ? On sunday, monday or some day during next week ?

I wish good rest of the year & new one to everyone. Remember to recycle & replace plastic bags with Fabric Bags :slight_smile: - Year One Azerothian who dislikes flying mounts & simplified gaming in general -

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