Why so fragile alliance?

I gotta say Alliance I had expected more of you guys!
You outnumber us 4 to 1 on this server pretty much, and we have some battles in hillsbrad but how come you guys give up so easily?

We were outnumbered 10 v 30 today for a few hours and we stuck it out, we kept fighting. Then we get more, we win from you and you cower away and flee.

Disappointing, could have some good battles.

Guess we won.

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I don’t think that a generalization regarding the whole faction can be made based on one battle, and that teasing alliance players is the way to get them to be more enthusiastic and engaged. That sounds a bit like Schadenfreude venting.

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I wasn’t even there, so don’t speak for me. :wink:


“It’s a PvE server though!!!” - is the most common one I hear. You can actually PvP on a PvE server. I know you can. I’ve done it!

I played on a PvE server in Vanilla that had a fraction of the population we have on Hydraxian and that had a pretty thriving PvE scene.

Last night it was reduced to a few people from both sides, 1v1ing each other in Hillsbrad while the others were watching. I don’t know if it was legitimate dueling or kill trading, but it’s pretty disappointing. Can barely be called PvP.

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You can pvp on a PvE server, indeed, though many people don’t want to (and rolled on a PvE server because of that). If there’s no buyers can’t be helped. You can advertise Hillsbrad pvp but I wouldn’t do it like that.

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Wasn’t there that day, but if I had to guess, atleast some of them left because it was getting late on a workday.

I was pretty disappointed over the weekend at night, when the Horde disbanded the raid and left after we routed them to Tarren Mill again, but I got over it. If they don’t want to PvP for the time being, that’s fine.


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