Why So Many Silvermoon [A] on chamber of aspects

So I have been playing on Chamber of aspects for as long as I can remember. Now the realm has been fine for years no real issues until recently… the plague of alliance Silvermoon players.

What I have noticed while in Shadowlands is that everyone I come across is an alliance from the server Silvermoon. I rarely see anyone from any other realm. I may see the odd player from my own realm but that’s quite rare.

No matter what I am doing anywhere in the game except major cities ofc is again another silvermoon. Trying to level a lowbie character? hey look a lvl 60 alliance silvermoon has dropped down and killed all the mobs. Want to farm a spot, nope more silvermoon camping the location. So now we are not just competing for our own server spawns we are competing for someone else’s? Is this the result of the zoning/sharding nonsense to make places look more busy?

What really is this… I didn’t play on chamber of aspects because of it’s massive population of alliance players. I have played it due to it’s balance. Why on earth are we teamed up with silvermoon, isn’t it the most over populated alliance realm?

So when dragonflight comes out are going to see the same a massive influx of alliance players, running around like a swarm of gnats. Is this why they allowed both factions to tag a mob. Seems like a fix for an issue that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Can’t just be me that’s noticed this surely? I know a lot of players have tunnel vision but why have servers if we are stuck with other realms. I wouldn’t mind if it was other horde players but it’s not it’s just alliance I keep seeing. This is not on war mode either.

It’s not like I go in an area and go oh hello fellow horde would you like to group up to kill this boss? Nope, just alliance everywhere.

What I want to know is how did CoA die in population.

Used to be my main raid server in Legion Alliance. There was 40+ guilds to choose from for raid progression and 6 were mythic

Now I log in and type /who 70 , only 43 70s online. 5 people between 61-69

and 33 people between 1-60

How did the population on Alliance fall so far from the tree ?

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Same reason with most MMO’s they all want to move to the full locked realms. Shame really.

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