Why the Stormwind Keep is different outside than it is inside

I never played Alliance before, my times in Sormwind were brief, bundled into massacres we cast upon the city and it’s king with my horde comrades.

As I was recently promoted to Very Secret Spy, I went with my new “alliance” character to Stormwind Keep for measurement in case of future attacks so we can properly size our detonation devices.

So I went to that disgusting throne room, looked up to the domed roof with windows. Then I climbed outside, to make another measurement … and NO DOME. Just some ugly-a** tower. The war room on right? NO WINDOWS. Outside - windows on three sides, where only on two sides we can give benefit of doubt to some onther floor.

WHAT kind of magic the alliance scum is using? I need to finish my report tomorrow.

Also, as I am Secret Spy, if you, the reader, are from Alliance, please don’t tell anybody


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