Why was ring of valor removed from the game?

And when? I was checking arena statistics (28k arenas btw), and I found it trakcs Ring of Valor arena… I remember it somewhat from distant past… there was an elevator? Why was it removed in the end?

because it was unbalanced

Prob too buggy and RNG reliant. Look at the bug-history of it.

But I think the official reason was the introduction of the Brawler’s Guild which uses that interior.


how was it unbalanced?

It was epic asf the way your platform would go up at the start, bringing you in the arena, Brings me Gladiator (the movie) vibes

It was unbalanced and bugged.

Imagine Bfa Destruction and SL Fire Mage and you have 0 LOS.

The Arena mage it almost impossible to CC with CC that breaks on damage, because of the Fire damage debuff.

Not to mention all the disconnects on the elevators.

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fire damage debuff? I don’t remember that part :smiley:

The quadratic center had to each side a fire wall you could run through.

If you did run through the fire you had a debuff that damaged you each second for i think 10 or 15 seconds.

It was not always up and it could be that after Woltk they even removed that part.

no LoS heavily favors caster cleaves

It was temporarily disabled in the end of cata.

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I hope temporary disabling of Seething Shore in RBG will stay there forever too!

Meeles started very close to casters and then in second incarnation in Cata it was too big and open so casters had advantage.

Luckily Blizzard learned from their mistakes and brought us much more fair and balanced maps like Tol’viron and Muguambala /s

I hope they temporarily disable kotmogu and BFG too

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