Why was Searing Nightmare removed?

Am I the only one who thought this ability felt good to press? It gave you a constant AOE insanity spender. The only problem with it was that you had to stand still and channel Mind Sear for multiple gcds. They should have just made it instant cast with no need to channel. Instead they threw the baby out with the bathwater and just pruned it completely.

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Yea it doesn’t make sense. Mind sear has been the core of shadow priests since vanilla and it was our aoe spender

due to people hating the mid channeling personally and having to manually dot VT mid fight to a point they started to hate it. I think they should add back mind sear but let it apply pain without searing nightmare effect or it costing anything.

Me self personally think they should make the c turn in to a passive mastery that applies on any dot shadow has and spawns channeling stuff not only mind flay or void torrent add it to any dot as well let it be our new mastery.

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I loved using Mind Sear with Searing Nightmare. It felt really good. Now If you fail to land shadow crash you can also drink a coffee for the next 30 seconds. Imho Shadow Crash is the worst spell for being competitive in AoE

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My tank pulls 30 mobs in everbloom and i can dot 8 of them :smiley:

Now i have to chose if i want to do dmg or dot another 20 mobs.

If you chose dmg, you do 0 dmg.
If you chose doting, you do 0 dmg, because first dots start to falling off.

Meanwhile melee goes brrrt. Peak design.

the dev team is outdoing them self this expack with perfect shadow feelings.

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they need to fix this spec remove spells make mind blast and shadow word death spread dots and remove VT and pain and make mind bender permanent pet.

make dark ascension so you can cast while moving and make it instant cast also make power word infusion a hero instead of a buff.

add back doors of shadow with instant cast that gives absorb and movement speed make it stack to 2 easy you fixed the game.

remove shadow crash, hate this ability in next expack please.

Make Mindblast spread VT
Make Shadow word death spread Pain.

also buff up our ending talents they suck.

Make dispersion and silence a priest talents instead remove mind games.

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