Wild Dragon Fruit 5 min CD


Wild Dragon Fruit / Pest Fogger / Wild Truffle / Saltwater Potion etc now have a SHARED 5 minute cooldown!

Completely ruined some fun items…


Oh no. Literally unplayable.

Oh yes, it does not matter if they remove fun items. We only care if the game is “playable”.

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Engineering nitro boots have had 5m cd for years now and on the same CD as saltwater potion, they are all power crept to irrelevance.

The only real change is that they made them more readily available.

They cost ~100g each last patch, they weren’t exactly unavailable. I doubt we’ll see them used much now they share a CD with potions - which I think was an unnecessary change. They added small little utility boosts in BGs to spice up the fact that we’ve been playing the same BGs and objectives for years on end.

If you do any amount of PvP they are literally free.

On my realm the saltwater potion jumped from 2 gold per saltwater to 50g. On draenor it should be even cheaper.
The Dragonfruit/truffle/fogger are 500 honour or 50 bloody tokens for 5 uses per purchase.

To what I can see, they are only 1 charge per use now. Also consumables are region wide on the AH, so we both buy the same saltwater potions.

I think I farmed you yesterday with my hunter Nicarao… :smiley: (edit: ah, actually, that was directed towards Noobsnatcher)

So, what I figured out so far, is that Engineering nitro boots trigger a 1 min cd for potions and PVP gadgets… :thinking: And a lot of potions and the DF PvP gadgets (including saltwater potion) share a 5 min CD. Can’t speed up to Bers buff and stack all dmg items anymore :< It will feel bad when you want to use certain things that are blocked because of that shared CD; But, overall, this should be fairer now IMHO.

I sold all the saltwater and stacked https://www.wowhead.com/item=206139/volatile-crimson-embers since it looks to be THE PvP Gadget of choice now

FUN DETECTED (c) lizzard

Meh saltwater, n all the other op consumables share cd with the minor buffs. who is going to use pest fogger for a knockback once per 5 minutes when they can choose to increase their damage output by a shocking 30%? im personally fine with it but i do think damage increasing n utility consumables should be serparate CD´s. Pest fogger is by far the most fun consumable in the game but im not going to ever pick a 5 min cd knockback over 30% damage.

Use “Third Wind” Potion & Volatile Crimson Embers (twice the duration of Saltwater potion) for DPS, they don’t share cooldown.

Use Potion of Defiance & Curious Primordial Fungus for healer, they don’t share cooldown either.

Imo the best combos for battlegrounds.

Soothing emerald tea shares cd with third wind potion though im pretty sure although i havent tested myself, emerald tea heals for a bigger total amont though at 65% total health, although granted its not instant.

Yes, both share a cooldown. I prefer “Third Wind” Potion because in this insane burst damage meta, Soothing Emerald Tea healing feels too slow to make a difference. What “Third Wind” Potion (in combination with Healthstone) gives you is an “Oh sh!t”-button on a long cooldown that restores a chunk of health instantly, while Soothing Emerald Tea gives you a sustain heal on a long cooldown.

What is good about Soothing Emerald Tea is that it works in Warmode PvP, while “Third Wind” Potion does not.

Exactly, pest fogger allowed for some really fun and niche out-manoeuvring of your opponent. With a 5 min CD shared with potions, I’m unlikely to ever use it again.

Why do they want to remove everything fun and interesting? Just turn everything into templates with the exact same secondary stats at this rate, ban all consumables so we just end up with a CoD-like game.

Ill be honest, i just used them to slap people off cliffs but doing so was a ton of fun n a “tool” i used even when i could´ve aswell just nuked them in a traditional way.

Im sure ill still carry around some pest foggers for whenever i see someone chilling close to a cliff edge but if i have to choose between pushing people off cliffs n doing a flat 30% more damage its not really a choice to begin with. Quite a shame, it was a big hobby of mine :,D I´d even be fine with it having 5 min cd, 10s was super fun but i´d trade 10s cd for having more stacks as opposed to refilling every BG. My only issue with it is that it shares CD with far, far stronger consumables.

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