Wild Growth Bugged in RDF?

Hi not sure where i should be putting this and i hope im not the only one experiencing this.

But my Wild Growth heal in RDF Gamma dungeons just flat out bugs out ALL the time.

its meant to heal 5 people within 15 yards of the target, but straight up about 80% of the time i cast it, i am only one being healed now… even when all 5 of us in the group are stacking on top of each other.

kinda making the harder AoE dungeons a bit of mission with no AoE heals on druid…

is any1 else experiencing this? i used a Mouse over macro version of it on healbot, but ive also tried it just targetting the player and using the default spell out of the spellbook.

Ive tried it after a full wipe, every1 freshly entered the dungeon with half health and it hit like 2 of us… literally making no sense.

I havent had an issue prior to today, wondering if maybe its something to do with X-Realm characters being excluded from the heal or something?


Yes, Wild Growth as well as Gift of the Wild is completely bugged in RDF.

I did 3 dungeons, in each of them there was someone who was “invalid target” for those spells and they couldn’t be cast on them.

People are suggesting it might have something to do with PvP flag status. But one dungeon I did I was able to cast it on 4/5 people at the start, then I zoned out and back in to the dungeon and from that point on, I could only cast it on myself and I did nothing with the pvp flag.


Yea, i did a lot of dungeons yesterday, i do have to admit i had a lot less issues once i flagged my own character for PVP so it might be that.

but i agree it was weird, one minute i was fine, then all of a sudden mid fight, boom! it would flip to just hitting 1-2 people , made no sense lol

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I`m experiencing this bug aswell, its weird that blizzard didnt fix it yet… bump!

I have exactly the same problem and it drives me nuts! It usually starts working when I’m 60-75% progress in the dungeon. It costs me tons of mana, rubbish heals and a lot of frustration.

I’ve been sending daily reports of this bug because they really need to fix this

The bug is still in the game, apparently blizzard isnt doing anything about it it seems.

YES SAME all the time Wild Growth Missed someone or just hit me

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