Wildrunners Guild

Hi Wildrunners Guild is looking for people to join and become active within the guild if they want reasonability to recruit, raid , etc. Its open to all if they want a challenge.

The Guild has been around since 2005 October with Fallen Legion on the first day of the server. We used to raid alot but mainly stopped around Wotlk and became a social guild and raided with other guilds over the years.

The structure is built on a caretaker which goes with the wishes of the lions which there are 3 in the guild which dictate policy. The other ranks are tiger, panther, leopard, and cub. The position for Lions are open as the old guard have stepped down, 1 remains active more as guidance.

The care taker is there to keep the guild going and to keep it active if Lions decide to step down. The years have come and gone and many guilds on Nordrassil have come from Wildrunners.

I began raiding with Wildrunners back in vanila. Great times :slight_smile:

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