Will be RDF Cross realm?

Theres literally 0 info about it, i want to know if RDF will be cross realm so for example i can play on less crowded servers withoit beeing worried to not find a beta/gamma

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I am so sad that noone care about this topic. That would make looking for people at least to PvP much more simpler. How is that noone replied to your thread… it’s just sad. And answering to your question LFG is and won’t be cross realm.

I just sort of assumed it would be region-wide, because there would be little point to it otherwise. But now that I googled it I am not so sure anymore. I guess we are about to find out in 3 days.

pretty much this tbh.

From what i can understand, the worry about cross-realm RDF is the loss of “identity”.

You could behave badly and get no consequenses for it, since it was a different server most people didnt care. Ninjaing/rudeness/laziness, you get the idea.

Since blizzard have been speaking about “social pillars” so often, it would make sense that they reluctantly release RDF under the condition that its server-wide only.

Pros and cons about both anyway (server/region).

The whole point of RDF is people can access the content (the paying customer). Be a bit pointless for people on low population servers to implement it.

Same reason we got Raid Finder in Cataclysm, people who had limited time to play the game and couldn’t commit to raiding missed all end game content (I remember the argument at the time that only a tiny % got to actually see the Original Naxx 40, RF bridged the gap.

The whole social aspect argument is BS, also with mega servers compared to the populations back in the day the social aspect comes from guilds and discords mainly. People who want to be social will find each other.

Yes it is, and the current LFG tool showed exactly that. But blizzard refuses to acknowledge it (or they sit on different numbers that we do).

The anti-rdf’ers dont believe that apparantly. For some made-up reason, people speak more in dungeons with the LFG tool, than they do in RDF dungeons. How? i dont know.

Sadly, making Discord servers and typing /inv playername-server or sitting in LFG with 2 more people on ‘full’ populated server really impacts the PvP experience. Cross realm LFG should be mandatory for Blizz.

The new youtube video posted by the world of warcraft channel confirms LFG will be cross-realm.

So too does Blizzard’s latest post, not only that but…

On that topic, I am wondering if that means cross realm raids are now actually a thing :wink:

Probably not. Cross-realm dungeons and grouping was created long before cross-realm raiding was a thing.

Would be nice if cross-realm raiding was added to Classic, but I don’t think it will be any time soon.

Yeah I suspect it’s just wording for the arena thing they added way earlier, but you never know these days :stuck_out_tongue:

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