Will blizzard do anything about pvp BOTS

Here is a screeny of a guy that use bot for pvp, htt p://prntscr.com/qtr7bg
Will blizzard do anything about it, no ofc, as they ignored all my tickets about few pvp bots on our server
I reported Bluntbone, a undead warlock which got 0 0 0 av scores in 90% of his games countless times but no response from blizzard team, seems if they pay 13e/month they are fine, nice support blizzard, really nice.


+1 on this, seen the bots on same spot every day for weeks just queing 24/7, make something happen now Blizzard!

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Yes, this also makes my really angry - all this bot users killing PvP

Praying for banwave real soon


Reported thoes guys 10 times a day, made ticket. Nothing happens… Blizzard, get something going… ty.

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blizz havent done anything, but seems some1 did htt p://prntscr.com/qty5ec
GJ boyz! whoever did it u got a drink from me :slight_smile:

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