Will blizzard refund for making realm none english?

Since you are merging us with a none English server which i did not sign up for are you going to give us refunds on game time? I am not looking forward to chats :

"Why you not speaking portugese/english , because this is a english/portugese server. "

On top of that lot of frostmane was Swedish guilds and some dutch lets just throw in a portuguese realm because that will make guild recruiting easier.

SOLVED : like spooki pointed out it is a merge of english realms

I’d be happy with a few free server transfers tbh. Not the end of the world if it doesn’t happen, but it’d be nice.


Yeh start working on your Portuguese , youd need it . Kappa

Found the racist

none of the servers merged as far as i know are Established as anytrhing more then EU… none of them are any specific language…

And I found a troll. I made characters on a realm which was defined as realm under the English server tab. Not french,not italian,not russian,not german and also not portuguese. it makes no sense to me that if you join a X-language assigned server they connect it with a Y-language server to solve lack of players.

PS i guess portuguese was always a oddball that not had enough players and was put under english server list. urgh blizzard

Mr. Xenophobe, for your information, we Portuguese, start studying English quite early. So, don’t you worry, we’ll dumb down our English conversations so you don’t feel left out.

Oh, and Welcome.

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Sigh , your English is probably 1000 times better than mine. You all seam to be thinking I am hating on “Portuguese”.

Have you ever seen people in trade chat “looking for X-language guild” , blizzard even has created specific realms just to make it easier for people from same language background to connect. So why would you connect a X-language realm with a Y-language realm. But like I said earlier I guess in this particular case Portuguese was a subcatgeroy of English realms , so to blizzard it is connecting more English realms.

Yes. but ur not taking account that these servers ur mentioning arent Under a Portugeuse Language Server, and Frostmane is a EU Server under the same list as Our lists… if u look up their progression.

Just bnecause it as a Community of a Specific language, Doesnt make it that Language… it just means we as Players Simply put barriers into the game ourselves and this isnt for blizzard to uphold or take responsibility for.

Yes indeed , i was thinking originally Portuguese was like a separate realm list, so that it does not make sense. But it is English so in the end it is indeed just English realms connected. So they are indeed merging X-language realm with X-language realm.

It literally says Aggra (Portuguese) on the server list.

Now, stop being ridiculous and calling people racist. We just don’t want our chat box filled with people we can’t understand, and we appreciate the fact that you want to speak Portuguese on the official Portuguese server - so can we just not be mixed with you?


The realm may say Portuguese, but the tag mostly serves as a beacon for portuguese people at this point.

The majority of players will communicate in English. Some would probably prefer the portuguese mention be removed as it often leads to outright discrimination and nasty comments in-game (and apparently out of it). Not only that, taking into account the fact that so much stuff is cross-realm these days, I guarantee you will barely notice it other than seeing the (Portuguese) in trade chat more often.

Incidentally, Frostmane used to have a sizeable portuguese community back in the day, with Grim Batol being another realm with a lot of portuguese. Then Aggra opened and those realms lost a ton of players. Funny how things ended up.

The fact that two of the players from the server we’re merging with have come to a discussion to call people Xenophobes and infer people are racist really does fill me with confidence that this is going to be a great decision.

Stop trying to find things to be offended by

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