Will Dragonflight become a Chromie Time choice?

Hello everyone and thank you for reading. I have searched both the forums and wider Internet for an answer to this question but have been unable to find one. I apologise if this has been asked already.

I quit WoW shortly after the launch of Shadowlands and have only recently returned, at what I know is a bad time. My reason? The War Within. It has piqued my interest and I really want to try it. However, I cannot get past the first few quests in the Dragon Isles without getting bored and logging off. Because of this, I stop levelling my characters at 59.

Will Dragonflight become a Chromie Time campaign choice when The War Within launches? They done the same thing with Shadowlands when Dragonflight launched, so I am hoping they do the same with Dragonflight. Thank you again for reading.

Yes it will.

It’s also going to become the default levelling timeline for new accounts and returning veterans. This is so that they get Dragon Riding asap.

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Hey, it’s you, the not-so-puny Punyelf. Thank you for your reply; it’s good news, for me at least. Though it does mean I will be behind everyone else when TWW does eventually launch as I will have 11 levels to make up, but that’s a sacrifice I am willing to make. :+1:

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It’ll happen in the pre-patch. You can easily catch up then! :smiley:

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Oh hey, it’s you as well. Thank you for your reply. That is also good news. :smiley: :+1:

Hello again. I think I know the answer, but I will ask anyway. When TWW does launch, will we be able to level an Evoker in a Timewalking campaign, or, due to the level at which they start, will we be required, (forced), to level on the Dragon Isles? As I say, I believe I know the answer, but it would be nice to get it from a trusted source. :slight_smile:

With TWW pre-patch, Dracthyr Evokers will start at level 10 rather than 58, in line with other later-introduced and Hero classes.

Evokers now start at level 10 (was level 58).

Like every other class, they will then choose a Chromie Time to level in. Dragonflight will be the default, but existing players can choose another.

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