Will there be a regular Shadowlands box edition?

As the title says, will there be a box edition or is Shadowlands digital only except for the collector’s edition?

There are boxed editions that you could pre-purchase at select retailers.

That’s the collector’s edition. Haven’t seen a regular classic box yet at any retailer.

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I can’t find a regular edition for sale yet.

Even if there is it will just be an almost empty box with a code in it.

What do you expect to be there exactly? In the age where you can have almost any kind of a USB drive attached to your PC and games are mostly bought online, optical media is becoming obsolete.

I just had a look and the last box I can find I have is Wrath of the Lich King. My transaction history matches this.

Oh sorry there were a lot of SL questions lately but I don’t think there’s regular edition for sale atm.

Checked my retailer but nope, “regular/standard” addon Shadowlands soldout.

Since there are no more discs produced it would always be a digital purchase… I guess… the patch XP will be down loaded even if you do not purchase SL so you only buy the access to the new area really…

Guys… it’s not about the discs or the contents of the box. It’s about THE box (and the cover art) and its collectioner value:
h ttps://i.imgur.com/AdkdwSU. jpeg


Hey everyone,

You’ll need to reach out to your local retailers for physical copies of Shadowlands, we’re not able to directly assist here.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I was looking for the same thing and got pretty angry that I haven’t found any reasoning behind. I have almost all the Standard boxes and I wanted one for Shadowlands too for collection purpose only.

Sadly, none of my country retailers are selling Standard editions, just the Collectors boxes that I think are way too expensive compared to the previous editions.
I’m probably stuck with a digital copy for SL…

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There is no physical standard version. If there was a google search should show it, as would an image search for the cover.

The blue is leading you on.

We know that physical copies are to be found at local retailers. I think that the original question was whether there will be a physical copy at all, non-collector edition, like for previous expansions.
As the others said, local retailers currently have only Collector’s Epic Edition as physical copy of Shadowlands. For previous expansions, there always was a physical copy for “standard” edition (see image linked in @Fathelos reply) and one for “Collector’s” edition. We need to understand if that will be the case also for Shadowlands. I, like @Fathelos , have collected all the standard editions from vanilla to BfA, so I’d like to continue the collection.


Yes, exactly my point. I’m not sure about BfA as Legion was the last one to buy, but all the other xpacs had physical standard copies in stores to buy.
I can’t find any decision or statement from Blizzard mentioning that they will no longer produce physical Standard copies and the retailer stores have no sign of them either, which is again odd.

LE: I’ve found a separate forum where someone contacted Blizzard about this matter and the reply he received was that only the Collectors edition will be physical for this expansion.
That’s sad and I’m sure that I’m not the only one disappointed about this decision. Probably I will buy the collectors edition after the next xpac when it will get at a decent price, as right now it’s around 130-160 euros in my country vs 40 euros the usual standard copy.


Do you have a link ?

can we just get a confirmation that they exist? thats my doubt,
is it sold? the normal/basic expansion pack as a phisical package like in previous expansions

if thats true, its a bit of a douchebag move