Will Warbands make raid lockouts account wide?

With warbands making everything account will this include the lockouts to instances? I want to collect transmog but wonder if it will make it less efficient.

I wouldn’t specifically say Warbands makes everything account-wide. Gear will be semi-account-wide.

Very unlikely. It just means (as far as I know) that when you get a drop you never had, you unlock the transmog in collection. Even if you can’t equip it on that char.

Lockouts aren’t going to be shared. Its nore account based progress.


Thank you Punyelf

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Whats this mean? Ilvl will be account wide? (Bas idea)

No but you get lower ilv gear called warbound gear which you can give to alts a catch up.

So it’s just basic catchup gear good

Its like heirlooms but better?

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It’s just catch-up gear you can give to Alts. It is not a collection item.

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i may be imagine but i think i remember some developer say no raid lockout still be character not account

Why would you think this…? Alts are one of the fundamental things people play in WoW.

^^ This

Why wouldn’t I think of this? People are allowed to ask questions for further clarification. People are not you. I cannot keep up with all the details. If I ask this question, there is also a chance others aren’t sure either.

No, warbands is simply a stupid name for an account wide collection.

Whats even funnier is that they sell it to you as a big feature for the next addon, when it really isnt since most of your stuff is allready acc wide

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