Will we get new ilevel cap from m+ weekly next weekend?

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Anyone knows? I havent heard anything so far

Item level on weekly cheats afer 22nd patch release


I don’t understand why the first week it’s impossible to get over 385 gear from M+. There no use in staggering this huge amount of content behind a whole week. We should be able to get titanforged 425 right away from week 1. This is just another… fill in the blanks.

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To make sure the Normal Dazar’Alor raid will be at least somewhat relevant gear wise during the 1st week and to ensure a more even playing field for the competing mythic raiding guilds in week 2.


Exactly, while most will want to jump straight into a heroic raid, it will at provide some incentive to have a look at normal loot tables in week 1.

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On the plus side it’s basically a week off.

mythic+ is worthless and the normal raid is also fairly worthless gear wise, so we can just chill out.


Could still be a few pieces with nicer secondary stats / chance of titanforging. Plus it is a chance to get a look at few of the mechanics.

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hence the fairly worthless tag I used.


I know you re-iterated the fairly worthless.

But there will still be the chance for new Azerite Armor with the new 5th ring that should be a prio for anyone.

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Of course, the extra ring and so on will be a boon for everyone.

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