Windowed/Full-screen macro for Classic Wotlk

/run SetCVar(“gxMaximize”,1-GetCVar(“gxMaximize”))
/console gxrestart

This macro swaps between Windowed and Fullscreen. When it goes Windowed it doesnt go to max size window, so I have to manually fix that myself =//

Any way to alter the macro so it goes to max window when going windowed ?

try this

/run SetCVar(“gxMaximize”, “1” == GetCVar(“gxMaximize”) and “0” or “1”);
/console gxrestart

Make sure you use code blocks when posting code on the forums, otherwise it turns quotes " into smart quotes which breaks them.

This macro doesnt do anything, although I see it tries to do something if thats allowed to write =)

It does the same thing as tour original macro, just less elegantly.

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