Windows Key not working

Hi! My problem is, that when i start to play wow, immediately when the application (Wow, not the battlenet app) begins, i cant press the Windows Key (next to ALT) anymore, and because of that, i cant go to the Start menu, just with ATL+Tab combination.

Sometimes, even my Enter button on the right side, and the arrow buttons arent working. :anguished:

In other games (not developed by Blizzard), they are working perfectly.

I would suggest going there: ESC -> Key Bindings -> Defaults, after that check if problem persists. If yes it may be caused by addons, overlay application or display mode (maybe).

Some keyboards and/or their software have a “Game Mode” which automatically turns off the Windows Key to stop exactly what you’re trying to do happening accidentally while playing.


Thank you

you solved the riddle for me

playing on HyperX alloy fps rgb

I had the same frustrating problem. You need to do two things. 1. go to start>settingd>gaming>gaming mode>now swith it off. This should work. I have HP computer I had to also do the second thing, 2. Press control+shift+esc altogether, you are now into taskbar, scroll down to HP.Omen.SystemOptimizer>hit hit right key on your mouse, then hit end task. This worked for me, watch this HP asking you permission, deny it. Hope this helps. I am on windows11.

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