Windwalker & Beast mastery BUFFS incoming


Nothing of those are relevant tho. The only relevant changes are ironically the changes you left out


clearly you mean the 3% demo buff

not sure what u on about m8, the buffs for WW and BM don’t have any impact in pvp not even in the slightest.

3% demo buff & 5% aimed shot buff is after all still a buff for pvp, so they’re the only relevant changes being there.

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because demo is just a freaking joke and the changes they make are 3% buff to a class nobody ever will play it in its current design while we are getting one shotted left and right from rets, rogues, mages and boomers.

even saw this clown fiesta in awc on weekend where ret warrior faces ret warrior and game ended in 10 seconds (7s was moving towards each other)

clearly he missed the most important buff in the OP

WW buffs have very little impact in walking death. All other buffs in except Aimed shot are also completely irrelevant for pvp.
But since he mentioned aimed shot buff, I don’t know what he missed in your opinion because 3% demo buff is largely irrelevant as well as the spec is dead in the water and borderline trash as tyrant is ccable and ignorable

5% aimed buff also irrelevant

  1. When it hits like a wet noodle on 2.4 sec cast
  2. Double tap nerf still exist
  3. Noone plays MM in pvp anymore

Depending on whom you target… palas? sure.
Got face planted yesterday by 18k crit on my shaman 22% vers if someone cares (sure just ilvl 206…)
2.4s cast isn’t relevant because you do dmg during your burst window, then it is much lower than 2.4s cast.

with my trash can ilvl 200 hunter i can chunk very very hard when I pop cds. Problem is that it is to obvious. Sadly kyrian arrow is on gcd.

Double fap rapid fire does way more dmg anyways. Just could be interrupted, although it fire pretty quickly during trueshot

Yea partly because health pools are too high for MM burst to matter much, but also because BM is ez mode afk dmg and SV has better tools in arena since years.

MM is not unplayable and 5% more dmg is certainly welcome. Will it do very much? Probably not.

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this demolock buff is so spicy!

let’s go command the battlefields and arenas, my fellows demolock!


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